Friday, October 17, 2008

press n seal in your quilt room

I saw this new technique .I know it isn't new to many of you and I had heard of it but hadn't tried it yet. I will have several links here for you to try so check them out .I am getting ready to quilt my husbands quilt. I'm torn between hand and machine quilting this. I do believe I will do some of both.It looks pretty neat . I think especially if you have your own designs. you could copy or scan the design and print it out on freezer paper and then the Press n seal. That's another technique.

Here is a nice website listed on the cyberquilters yahoo group site .this is a great group to join.I'm trying to type here with my baby Coochie on my lap. what a great Pup .....!!!!.Here's a new picture of her.

We took her to our friends house last night she was just a little angel. Shes only 10 mos. old but the best behaved dog I have owned. She got tired and so she got up on the couch next to my purse and went to sleep. I didn't teach her to jump up on furniture ,My husband did Hmmm.
she has the tutorial for crazy quilting


Julia said...

Hi Debbie,
thank you for the comment on my blog..
Your little pup is so cute..

Rosalind said...

My tiny Yorkie jumps on furniture too :o) These little dogs get away with things that bigger dogs would get told off for!!
Worth it though :o))
Love your blog!