Saturday, October 25, 2008

cut, cut , cut and cut some more, I know the feeling!

I have a friend I met through the internet, through a ShihTzu site. Her name is Mary, shes just been a dear person to get to know. We have visited each other several times since meeting in the spring sometime. we both have the cute dogs and we both have the same health issues.

This is about her husband though . I know how he feels he has worked as a barber for 50 yrs in the Bremen area. I worked 37 yrs in Elkhart and retired. Things have changed through the years, Long hair, short hair, spiked hair ,no hair ,& the elvis look . Its really neat to see someone who has loved their profession and is still at it .So Don deserves an applause for his hard work and still cutting hair at 74 yrs young . Good for you Don. !!!! so you can read about him in this article:

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