Monday, June 10, 2013

Freebie VW bus design & form to use to keep projects & freebies from Henry Glass, Esther's new BOM

ok I found a freebie cute pattern from Tula patterns.And the blog its from it's really cute .here is a pic of it This is from GOGO KIM's blog just so you have an idea go there and check it out. 

I found a form to use to write your projects down so you can keep track of them and where you are in them.It looks pretty neat to print out and use for your quilts blocks is the site.She also has an individual project sheet for each quit if you'd like .I down loaded it to keep both of them I can print them out as I please then.  

Here is a lot of freebies for you from Henry Glass fabrics .Purses, quilts and other things amazing probably 40 or more looks to me  
Esther from Esther 's blog has started anew quilt very intricate in case an of you are interested and a lot of applique looks absolutely stunning and will last 18 mo as a BOM. so see what it's all about at.....

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Marie said...

LUV that pillow - or should I say, "Cool, man" :)