Sunday, December 1, 2013

Been busy - Getting my Standard Slim Treadle Model R working

dirty and dull has pretty decals
Sorry just been busy and trying to get some things done.I haven't done much sewing....I have bought a few new machines.No more room for machines with cabinets. I love the cabinets but unfortunately I don't have any more room for them.Hubby won't let me put any in the house I'm sure he thinks I'd take over the house but They do make beautiful piece of furniture. I got a' Standard Treadle sewing machine'. It has been a trip trying to get it running  First I cleaned it. I knew it needed a new belt .I bought a new one on E bay for $6.00 and free shipping good deal.Then I took the machine (just the head )to my repair man. I just didn't think I got the tension assembly back together right. He then informed me he didn't think he would be able to get it timed.... I did research and  corresponded with the "The Treadle Lady"  she said" I have never seen an old Treadle machine out of time." I had not tried to get it to sew yet.. so I didn't know one way or the other. I knew the wheel turned fine when I checked it at the sale...I just took it to the repair man .......I brought it back home and took the bobbin case everything off and reassembled  the bobbin case and shuttle.I evidently had put the shuttle in wrong and they hadn't checked to see if it was in right I guess they thought it should be correct.I thought I had put it in right or told them I had removed it and cleaned it.That was the first thing I did when I took it home.I watched to see if the needle was hitting or not .So this time I got it right.!!!! I guess that they hadn't checked that out when they had it at their  repair shop IT SEWED YES!!!!
 I was so happy to see my treasure actually work. I paid 20.00 her for at a garage sale on Craig's list. Her bones and decals were in great shape so my husband talked the people down and we brought her home.The only thing that I needed to do was clean the metal parts. I use fine grit steel wool to remove the rust and polish the chrome.It works pretty good.I spray the parts with W D 40 once in a while.I  usually use sewing machine oil. the machine cleaned up really well. Nothing is rusty that I couldn't clean so here are some before and after pics.The cabinet has 4 doors and sections to keep sewing items and or some patterns. one door opens to show you 3 drawers and then the front doors open when you use her to sew and hold bobbins thread.really nice design. I didn't find out the 2 outside doors worked or were even there till I got the machine home.
(1)  Treadle Head not cleaned up,starting to go down in cabinet
 .I cleaned her up and picture 6 shows what she looks like now.I also got some attachments for her. I found out she was a slim  standard model and it makes a chain stitch who knew !!!! really cool I bought the wrong "spider" they are called .Then found the right one for my model "R". is so much fun to see my rescue cleaned and also functioning. When you lift the table lid the machine goes into the cabinet by itself .....Pretty cool huh? The cabinet is beautiful and so functional and different to see it retract down in the cabinet... all you have to do is lift the lid of the cabinet & the machine begins to lower down in the cabinet. ITS JUST COOL!!!!!
 This machine a Standard Sewing Machine was manufactured in Cleveland Ohio . Then they were bought out by Singer later I believe.When you first see any machine with rust you wonder in your head is this thing going to clean up and be a working running machine or am I buying a boat anchor ? If the wheel turns easily you usually know it will work. Hopefully has all its parts and you can remove the rust...... I am still learning everyday about these old gals and is really a learning process. If not for  the internet I wouldn't have been able to find out about the spider attachment is so cool and I got it to work easily. To see the machine you have worked on and researched quite a bit I may add work and function like it did 100 yrs ago is truly a wonderful feeling as many of you know.!!!Thanks every one on the internet for all your great help and information you gave me from the Quilters website where I posted some questions and 2 the yahoo groups ( We fix it & Vintage sewing machine repair) are super Yahoo news groups to go to for help so join them if you have an old machine and are interested in these old gals they are so great  for help and information !!!!!
(2) The first  door open 1, second is the door to open when you are going to sew .It has pegs for thread and bobbins. There is a shelf below to put attachments etc.

(4) side panel opened and 3 drawers

(3) The top of the Treadle rusty
(5) dirty bobbin area
(6) shiny and clean and a new belt
 (8) cleaned and dirty hinge what a difference
(7) chain stitch attachment  called a" Spider"

 There are some new pictures of the Treadle. I bought this for chain stitching.... only this one works on a 'Stout' machine not my 'Slim' I have one that works.
(9) Here is a space for bobbins and thread
 (10) There is a space for patterns or magazines .....The cabinet hasn't been cleaned in this picture


Judy Clayton said...

What a neat treasure Debbie! Aren't they fun to play with. I am sewing a quilt on my treadle and working on the new Bonnie Hunter mystery. We are busy at the garden center but I am going to try to sew every evening after supper.

Allison in Plano said...

Really nice Debbie!! So glad you found it close to you and for such a steal!! No, I don't have a Standard. You were fortunate to get the Spider attachment. I'm the one that told you about the Standard yahoo group though!

MQuilter said...

Enjoy your Standard! They are fun machines and make a very pretty stitch.