Friday, January 13, 2012

Florida, Jelly roll Braid quilt, painting class

my 3rd painting
    a nice holder to  hold sewing  for in the car etc. 
the pattern for the adapt your lap
Jason & Ayden
Hi well its finally going to happen we are leaving for Florida a week before Thanksgiving.I am so ready to go except leaving my son  Jason and Grandson Ayden . how can you not miss this sweet little face?This is my first natural grandson. I have Grandkids from my husband's children but this might be my  only one from my son. Next year when we get back we will have more fun he will be older and will be able to do more so that will be nice at the lake here  .
We are only taking our car this year we have enough furniture so we can save on gas and have our Buick regal to get around in . We bought a van and can use it to take a group around as the car is to small for 6 people.
Of course I have my sewing and quilting projects all packed. I bought the art bin cases for fabric and individual projects. I learned I do not need as many projects because I did not get as many things finished as I thought I would. I got 2 dresses and 2 bloomers for my grand daughter and neice. I also have a new granddaughter so i made her a quilt. I made 2 aprons for my husband and a friend I have 2  more to make 1 woman and 1 man apron. I made a lap accessorie to use on our trip down to sew some applique or cross-stitch to do . It is cute and was a more difficult pattern from Timber lane Press called Adapt a Lap

                                   jelly roll braid quilt by Calico Printworks
quilt back for the jelly roll Braid    
 This quilt is for my great friend here in Florida Gloria in the park here. She will be 70 on Jan 18th so I need to quilt it yet. I plan on doing stipple quilting with paper pattern that sticks to the quilt. It should be fairly easy I do believe.                                      
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Chris H said...

Wow you are going to florida for a year! How come? If you don't mind me asking?

Debbie said...

Chris I am going to be in Florida for 6 months till spring when it is warm up north

Cookie said...

wow, that painting is awesome. great.