Thursday, June 7, 2012

promises and borders block 1.pdf - - document sharing - download

promises and borders block 1.pdf - - document sharing - download 
here is a lovely site I have downloaded so many pretty patterns from. Jenny of Elfantz. I have her shabby blocks and have about 3/4 done. if you like shabby she has check this one out.
sorry I have not been on here and doing much. I had hip replacement  surgery on April 24th . had staples out 3 weeks later and was not looking right. 5 days later I was having a lot of discharge from the site. just didn't want to heal . Talked to the doctor he took me in next day and flushed it out took 3 cultures and one came back the beginning of a staff infection. Now I  go to the hospital for an Iv Infushion of antibiotics. That means Sat and Sunday and holidays . handling the me Iv meds well.I had an oral med and just was horrible . made me feel like I had the flu then you ad Fibromyalgia on top and I was so depressed. I was very emotional also. I felt like I had just had a baby and was having post partum depression. I talked to one of my best friends back in Indiana and she had taken antibiotics and had the same reaction. . I saw the infectious disease doctor and he took me off of them. I hope I never have to take them again. I don't usually have adverse reactions to to many drugs but this one about tipped me over the edge . It was Rifampin ....... so anyway that's about it we are here in Florida till about the middle or end of July. 
I am missing my transplanted  rose bushes blooming at home. they were moved 3 years ago and are just stunning now. I'm so glad they finally got there feet planted and have decided to bloom with a vengence. they are so hardy must be about probably 50 yrs old . My Clematis is in the middle on a old  iron gate .They have gone crazy also.this is at the corner of our lake house property.with the mild winter in Indiana its made every thing come back stronger I believe.

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