Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chateau Hexagon & Love Entwined

I have been stitching my Chateau Hexagon by Lynette Anderson. It is just the cutest BOM. It is applique and Embroidery I believe there are 8 little blocks .Very Sweet. Each  block has a wooden button to add on very nice!!!!
I bought the background Fabric for Love Entwined By Esther Aliu.will be a work in progress for sure The Fabric is called Essentials by Wilmington.The color is lightest Ivory
 .I am having trouble typing it jumps over the page and where ever it wants .... this. is it till I figure out the virus or whatever  .Anyone  have for any help me???????
Essentials ....Lightest Ivory by Wilmington for love Entwined

Ivory and Light purple
Chateau Hexagon by Lynette Anderson Block 1

block 1 and button

Block 2 &  3

block 1 thru 4 buttons and instructions

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilts and new bedroom makeover

Gene painted the furniture and put up a shelf mounted the Tv and mirrors
    We have been blessed here in Florida. Love our little mobile double wide ,fixed up and bigger than our lake home in Indiana We redecorated our bedroom painted ,new carpet , new bed and curtains!!!! Love it Love It !!!!! Our bedroom is a beautiful and HUGE room and It has a
  very serene feeling when you walk in the room now......
New curtains, curtain rods , love the addition of these ribbon streamers with beads and glass baubles so pretty in the sun streaming in just so feminine

I have downloaded step 3 for the Celtic Solstice from Bonnie Hunter have a few of step 1 & 2 cut out but need to finish this Christmas projects first then I can relax and do what I want.
 SO........on to sewing for the day here.

The quilt panel for car quilt for 3 yr old Ayden
The back for car for grandson quilt panel

Monday, December 2, 2013

Easy Street & new old machines to my collection

(This is an older post but was delayed so some of this you might have already read about) I finally got my Easy street Mystery (by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville )assembled except the borders.been auditioning fabric for the border.I believe I am going to do a small navy blue batik then the butterfly fabric in the turquoise I have as the main large border. here are a few pictures of the quilt itself together.
hanging up

laid out on the couch

Coochie decided to make her self at home :) My sweet Shih Tzu
(But stubborn are there any that aren"t?)

here is the close up of both blocks
I also have been out garage sailing here at our home in Florida so I got a nice Standard Treadle machine last Sunday for $20.00 and today I got a Singer coffin style machine # 99 for $ 25.00 .both had nice decals and the wheel moved freely with both.The Standard had a lot of lint and quite a bit of rust to rub off.I got it clean but had to use steel wool and rub quite a bit. Nice cabinet needed a belt and I need a book so checking into them.I need a leg bar for the coffin machine so might be a while for that unless I can use a foot pedal will need to research it .

Bonnie Hunters new Mystery quilt

I am getting ready to start Celtic Solstice, Bonnie Hunters new Mystery Quilt. The theme is the Irish flag colors Orange,Yellow, Green and Blue.I have collected shirts for 1.00 a piece at our local Hope Hospice Thrift store.I just happened in there on the day all clothing was 1.00 !!!! I got about 15 shirts for 15.00. All were in great shape .A couple Batik shirts and lots of light colored for shirting materials.  I found some Columbia shirts also Geesh I hate to cut up the shirts but I hate to pay between 9- 12 for higher end fabric all the time so here goes Cut, cut. I found some blue and orange colored shirts.  I found a couple Navy shirts from my shirt stash to use. These fabrics are great I bought some yellow fabric and some green. I bought a T-recs  ruler set to use now. I may later buy the . software. I met Linda  Frantz when she was at the Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewanna In. 
In Indiana we call it Shipshe !!! She was waiting to hear about her first publication of her program.So I bought her first program and it is a great idea. the company  I will probably buy it later, as it is on sale for 20.00 till Jan 3rd for this quilt so take advantage of the reduced price while you can .......You can do so much with her programs so try one!! You print the pattern on the back of the fabric you just iron it on freezer paper very cool idea. I have used it and people who do paper piecing its great for that also or for English paper piecing for hexies also.
Shirts I bought I bought quite a few 1.00!! a few are my Husbands( Gene ) he didn't want any more look at that cheddar !!

I'm so excited always when Bonnie starts a new mystery, book, etc. She is just the best .If you ever get a chance to do a retreat with her for a day week what ever do it.You wont be disappointed .Bonnie is so much fun, down to earth, like one of the family and such a relaxed atmosphere in her classes. I love You BONNIE. You're just the greatest.!!!!!! This is her new Celtic Solstice  Mystery   Quilt.!!!!
Nice bright colors to the left are shirts, the right pile is fabrics
Here are the fabrics I bought at garage sales and some from my stash. The flower power greens I already had so I'm going to use it this quilt for some punch.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Been busy - Getting my Standard Slim Treadle Model R working

dirty and dull has pretty decals
Sorry just been busy and trying to get some things done.I haven't done much sewing....I have bought a few new machines.No more room for machines with cabinets. I love the cabinets but unfortunately I don't have any more room for them.Hubby won't let me put any in the house I'm sure he thinks I'd take over the house but They do make beautiful piece of furniture. I got a' Standard Treadle sewing machine'. It has been a trip trying to get it running  First I cleaned it. I knew it needed a new belt .I bought a new one on E bay for $6.00 and free shipping good deal.Then I took the machine (just the head )to my repair man. I just didn't think I got the tension assembly back together right. He then informed me he didn't think he would be able to get it timed.... I did research and  corresponded with the "The Treadle Lady"  she said" I have never seen an old Treadle machine out of time." I had not tried to get it to sew yet.. so I didn't know one way or the other. I knew the wheel turned fine when I checked it at the sale...I just took it to the repair man .......I brought it back home and took the bobbin case everything off and reassembled  the bobbin case and shuttle.I evidently had put the shuttle in wrong and they hadn't checked to see if it was in right I guess they thought it should be correct.I thought I had put it in right or told them I had removed it and cleaned it.That was the first thing I did when I took it home.I watched to see if the needle was hitting or not .So this time I got it right.!!!! I guess that they hadn't checked that out when they had it at their  repair shop IT SEWED YES!!!!
 I was so happy to see my treasure actually work. I paid 20.00 her for at a garage sale on Craig's list. Her bones and decals were in great shape so my husband talked the people down and we brought her home.The only thing that I needed to do was clean the metal parts. I use fine grit steel wool to remove the rust and polish the chrome.It works pretty good.I spray the parts with W D 40 once in a while.I  usually use sewing machine oil. the machine cleaned up really well. Nothing is rusty that I couldn't clean so here are some before and after pics.The cabinet has 4 doors and sections to keep sewing items and or some patterns. one door opens to show you 3 drawers and then the front doors open when you use her to sew and hold bobbins thread.really nice design. I didn't find out the 2 outside doors worked or were even there till I got the machine home.
(1)  Treadle Head not cleaned up,starting to go down in cabinet
 .I cleaned her up and picture 6 shows what she looks like now.I also got some attachments for her. I found out she was a slim  standard model and it makes a chain stitch who knew !!!! really cool I bought the wrong "spider" they are called .Then found the right one for my model "R". is so much fun to see my rescue cleaned and also functioning. When you lift the table lid the machine goes into the cabinet by itself .....Pretty cool huh? The cabinet is beautiful and so functional and different to see it retract down in the cabinet... all you have to do is lift the lid of the cabinet & the machine begins to lower down in the cabinet. ITS JUST COOL!!!!!
 This machine a Standard Sewing Machine was manufactured in Cleveland Ohio . Then they were bought out by Singer later I believe.When you first see any machine with rust you wonder in your head is this thing going to clean up and be a working running machine or am I buying a boat anchor ? If the wheel turns easily you usually know it will work. Hopefully has all its parts and you can remove the rust...... I am still learning everyday about these old gals and is really a learning process. If not for  the internet I wouldn't have been able to find out about the spider attachment is so cool and I got it to work easily. To see the machine you have worked on and researched quite a bit I may add work and function like it did 100 yrs ago is truly a wonderful feeling as many of you know.!!!Thanks every one on the internet for all your great help and information you gave me from the Quilters website where I posted some questions and 2 the yahoo groups ( We fix it & Vintage sewing machine repair) are super Yahoo news groups to go to for help so join them if you have an old machine and are interested in these old gals they are so great  for help and information !!!!!
(2) The first  door open 1, second is the door to open when you are going to sew .It has pegs for thread and bobbins. There is a shelf below to put attachments etc.

(4) side panel opened and 3 drawers

(3) The top of the Treadle rusty
(5) dirty bobbin area
(6) shiny and clean and a new belt
 (8) cleaned and dirty hinge what a difference
(7) chain stitch attachment  called a" Spider"

 There are some new pictures of the Treadle. I bought this for chain stitching.... only this one works on a 'Stout' machine not my 'Slim' I have one that works.
(9) Here is a space for bobbins and thread
 (10) There is a space for patterns or magazines .....The cabinet hasn't been cleaned in this picture

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Edyta Sitar Elegant Garden group blocks & Purse lovers site

If you are into making bags this is the site for you !!!! so so many purses to choose from and so cute.I love making purses and totes. Her is the site

 I have been working on Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts Elegant Garden group of blocks .I have  5 done and 20 yes 20 more to do.Takes time but I do enjoy doing Hand Applique.I do needle turn usually sometimes back basting but I sometimes starch and press and then just  stitch the piece down.  I'm getting better at points but they still hard especially when the fabric is woven. The fabric just shreds so have to be more careful and keep more fabric  edge larger between  1/16th to 1/8 in to keep the fabric easier to turn. I love the way the woven fabrics look but they are definitely harder to work with. Here are the pics of the blocks I have done.

Hexie take along pouch Tutorial cute

Hi Hexie lovers here is a cute little tote for a small take along pouch to  keep your Hexies and take with you.I think its a great 3 step process. so here is the link

 I am finishing up my Marti Mitchell Bom  I am on block  No. 12 now is cut and all ready to sew. I accidentil ly spilled my drink of drops you add to your water on my fabric and of course it is white fabric so had to soak and  it was all clean this morning Thanks good ness I was really wondering about that one is this coming clean or is it going to stain forever.Well I used shout and Gain liquid I wash with ad all gone. So want to get this last block and get the Sashings done . Im not sure what fabric to use I have several to choose froom so will show you all thatwhen I get that picked ot an ready to sew.  
. I have my" Easy Street "from Bonnie Hunter to sew together  I have all the blocks done and have to lay them out on the bed now and number them so they can be constructed into a Quilt .I will take it home to Indiana and have my Girlfriend Sherryl Tobias quilt it for me in Nappanee ,In .
 I want to start on My Love entwined quilt by Esther Aliu. I am not sure of the colors yet I want to use and now she has found the actual quilt instead of just the Black and white photo  she had to work from .Will be a stunning achievement for sure. I am anxious to see the real quilt in color.maybe then I can be more comfortable picking what I want to use for my choice of fabrics. I  don't want to get part way done and not be happy with what choice I have made. So ........we shall see soon when she reveals the quilt in a few days Yippee!!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pain Free from OFC and Esther Aliu's BOM

Hi I am so happy I had a nerve block yesterday and for the first time in years my back is completely pain free.My Fibro hurts a little but thanks to my wonderful, kind, Pain management DR.Gross from Orthopedic center of Florida in Ft Myers. He is just the greatest!!!. Love you Dr Gross. He did a nerve block on the left side in Nov and now the right side yesterday.I had pain down my leg and pain in My bottom cheek like the size of a grapefruit.and lower back pain well it keeps you from sitting long and enjoying your life sewing reading etc. so is so nice to feel wonderful If you need a great doctor check him out . I'm 64 and it is the first I have found a Doctor like you dream about he is so kind and listens to what you have to say . so kudos, kisses, hugs to you Dr. Gross and he is spot on when he hits the right places and gets the pain removed.It lasts 6 mo. to ? I didn't take a pain pill like I usually do when I first get out of bed....Amazing !!!!

 O.K. now to Esther Aliu group  on Yahoo groups if you haven't signed up for her Marriage Coverlet series FREE you are missing s great opportunity. .I have not started because I wasn't sure what colors I wanted to use but pretty much have an idea what I'm going with now.I'm going with lighter colors I believe pastels and some brights mixed in with flowered pieces so go there and sign up its a 1780 quilt being reproduced in 18 months  as a FREE BOM. Id like to post a picture but I don't

Lynette Andersons BOM called Chateau Hexies CUTE!!!!
My new  Singer 401A no.... not the little on the Beige one :)
 think I should you need to go to her blog and check out back posts to see the lovely quilt and what others are doing with their interpretation of the Quilt.
 Here is my Hexie patterns  from Lynette Anderson.j the background is 1/2 in hexies so will be a little work indeed hand stitching.

 Here is my new toy 401A .I have cleaned greased and oiled her she runs very nicely. is fun seeing this old beauty do embroidery stitches and zig zags amazing you know!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You can make this pinwheels /a few adjustments to my Quiet book
 Here is a Tutorial for Pinwheels so I think they are cute but making them was another thing so this looks pretty easy.I think it adds interest to a quilt also .For kids it makes a cute accent on their quilt especially in different color ranges.
 Here a afew new pictures of the quiet book I finished and did some revisions on.If you have followed this of course that might be hard because it has been a long work in progress for sure.Like I have said I have a hard time with this project I'm not very creative. I have to have some direction or pattern to go by and I was lost .I found some other quiet books and made a few pages after some other ones I saw online.Even then I turned pages upside down and backwards I just wasn't having good times doing this when I had those moments.I don't think anything I have made for a long time frustrated me more But slowly but surely I got it done. so I posted the last post the pictures but I changed a few things around as I didn't like how it looked or closed.I made a flap for the crayons so they wouldn't spoil the other page when it was closed.I also made a wrap around closure that velcroed in the back . I also put in a signature label like a quilt. so here are the

Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect strip piecing from Bonnie & Quiet book finished

Here is a way to have perfect strip piecing from Bonnie  

Here is link to make an accurate 1/4 in. perfect seam 

 Well I have finally finished my quiet book for my niece. It has been a long work in progress.I didn't have a pattern so looked up some quiet books on the Internet and copied the patterns so these aren't my ideas. It hasn't been easy. I guess I can be more creative when I have a pattern in front of me.
Front of book
I have ripped and restitched so many times and so it isn't perfect a far as page sizes but it is done and I'm happy. She is 5 so I don't think she will care. It is paper dolls from fabric and some other things to keep her busy. The doll clothes have batting to 'hold' the dresses on. I will make 2 more for my 2 grand daughters but not yet they are younger and I think should be older to keep all the pieces together.  I'm sure they will be easier the 2nd time around .Too many toys and things to lose all the little doll dresses and hats,etc for 2 & 3 yrs old to handle I here are the pictures.
Stick on the dollies dresses
Armoire for Dresses, the doors close and Velcros shut

add a  different clip to her braid
purse of clips for the braid
Dress the dolls and tie the shoe
I used hair clips to pin the dresses to the line . There is a laundry pouch for the clean clothes

Armoire with doors closed

crayons and dress the dollies the page flips over and Velcros so the 2 books won't fall out
learn to color and  flash cards to learn  words

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sonya's snippets

This is s cute site.She has a link page for tutorials for quilting you might be interested in so here it is and check out her Blog site

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon to see how I'm doing since my tummy surgery for the hernia. It feels pretty good.Still a little sore in the breast bone site not very much but still a little tender.And still have bruises from the lapriscopic procedure but a lot better than being cut glad I'm on the mend and will feel more and more like sewing and doing a few things now. I'm trying to finish up my Bom from Marti Mitchell 2012. It is  in greens and pinks and yellow and plaid very pretty .!!!I have 3  blocks out of 12 to go so should be able to finish it maybe this weekend and have another project out of the way.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Needle case Tutorial & Raggedy Ann & Andy Quilt !!! Free

Hi here is a site to go and download a Raggedy Ann and Andy Quilt .It has nine patches and embroidery blocks of Ann & Andy. they are cute and free so if your interested here is the link  It also has a needle case Tutorial .

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The reason for Fibromyalgia & New BOM from Esther Aliu (going to be gorgeous) is a site to go read about the latest study for Fibro.The study talks about Blood and the differences in people who have it and don't. so here is the link to go to for the paper.It was interesting to me. so read and review is a article I say is something to consider anyway.
I had a  Hyatial Hernia repair and am still feeling rather weak.I a on a limited diet till my stomach has a chance to heal.So if I don't post much fr the next month I cant seem to get going yet.My energy level is so low and I cant drink Coffee till I'm released from The Doctor. I LOVE MY MORNING COFFEE. I drink Black Silk from Folgers It's a killer not to drink any at all for the last 2 weeks. Mind you I don't have to many cups anyway maybe 2 but I can hardly put one foot in front of the other. So maybe I will be able to drink some here soon.I hope.

Friday is the day Esther Ali is launching a new BOM. It is called "LOVE ENTWINED" . It is going to be very intricate. It is a 1797 marriage coverlet that is so detailed and beautiful truly a work of Art. So if you have never done one of BOM go hope there and sign up at Yahoo newsletter groups for her site.The Blocks will be one a month and once they are gone they will be for sale.Even if you don't think you want to make it is wise to download to keep just in case you see it done and then it will cost you. So if you read her newsletter its very exciting now and so much enthusiasm for the Quilt. Go look at the Quilt and see for yourself what you think .I'm going to try to do this is going to be difficult and time consuming ,but should be a work of art when finished for sure. here is the link 
 Friday  is the day to go to her blog. I can't wait is exciting to see a new BOM unfold!!!!!!
 Love your designs Esther!!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Freebie VW bus design & form to use to keep projects & freebies from Henry Glass, Esther's new BOM

ok I found a freebie cute pattern from Tula patterns.And the blog its from it's really cute .here is a pic of it This is from GOGO KIM's blog just so you have an idea go there and check it out. 

I found a form to use to write your projects down so you can keep track of them and where you are in them.It looks pretty neat to print out and use for your quilts blocks is the site.She also has an individual project sheet for each quit if you'd like .I down loaded it to keep both of them I can print them out as I please then.  

Here is a lot of freebies for you from Henry Glass fabrics .Purses, quilts and other things amazing probably 40 or more looks to me  
Esther from Esther 's blog has started anew quilt very intricate in case an of you are interested and a lot of applique looks absolutely stunning and will last 18 mo as a BOM. so see what it's all about at.....

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Great Tip for Strip Piecing!!!!!!

Hi here is an neat tip for strip piecing from My Friend Bonnie Hunter. I say my friend because I met her, had a day class with her and also follow her closer than any other Quilter . She is just a COOL LADY !!!!! I love her ideas, her personality. She is just a down to earth gal and I guess that's why I like her along with her amazing talent. You feel immediately comfortable and not at all intimidated by her presence. She is so much fun also .She also has a webcam on usually  Monday-Tuesday nights while she quilts or sews check her site to see what time usually 8-9 .you love her as much as I do. she has a way to organize fabric and it was my first introduction to her.

  I saw a 7 shirt quilt on her blog or introduced to it from her I'm not sure at this point any more It is Nancy Rose's pattern . I now collect Mens' shirts for fabric. It's so much cheaper and sometimes some cool fabric.I always use 100% cotton.Nancy Rose  has a "7 shirt quilt "our Guild Maple Leaf Quilters in Goshen ,In. made on a Saturday about 3 yrs ago. here is her blog for the pattern you'll love it I need to say this because I made a mistake and the author of the pattern is NOT Bonnie Hunter. I do believe she uses the idea but Nancy Rose is the one who implemented this idea.  Thanks Nancy for the correction......It's so cool. It's a really cheap way to make a quilt for a guy, a veteran,or anyone for a quick project.

I am working on my Fabric Quiet book its coming to a finish, I finally have the little things to complete the cute little touches.I will post them probably tomorrow when I get some more done.

7 shirt quilt

leave the labels on they add some personality !!!.

 The light color is yellow.Its bright and would make a nice quilt for the vets coming home!!!!!

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Sharks Band in Elkhart In

This is my sister Denise Mc Creary with her band that she used to play with in the 80's. I just ran across her video on You Tube so decided to post it here .Technology is amazing isn't it.!!!!!! We lived in Elkhart, Indiana then .Denise now plays in Tuscon Az. and sings Professionally on the weekends with a band  named  The Coolers. She plays sax and sings. This is a reunion and they are having fun. The Sharks back in Indiana for a reunion. You'll have to stop  the music player on play list you can hear her if you like rhythm  n blues.She wears a lure in her ear to be alluring lol  . I love you Denise you have so much talent  who would have known as a little kid growing up.......

Monday, May 27, 2013

American Eagle pattern and cute summer sewn go patterns

go to    and check out the neat eagle Sindy has posted for FREE. She has some really neat patterns BOM , and lots of freebies.

 I have found a cute site to find Freebie patterns you can load and sew later.I have loaded several summer things a Duffle, a cushioned mat, a summer picnic, place mats and flatware pocket.They are cute so if this is something you'd like check it out. You can subscribe to a newsletter and see whats new every week .Have a great Memorial day!!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day..... Our Vets, Our Heros

Well today is one I always remember I am a daughter of a w w 2 vet. He was one of those men who was just so amazing He was blinded on July 4th in France at the tender age of 23  .He was a Forward Observer on the front lines. He had a shell explode in his face and lost his eyes. He went to rehab in England at Saint Dunstis .I believe ,I hope I got that right for the spelling. He said he wasn't so bad off there were guys who lost there hearing and eyes or legs .Geesh what an out look  he had but he had some rough spots but never let it beat him down. He did almost everything a sighted person did. He gardened, canned food, did electrical working in his  home that the Amish built  He ran a saw and built a cabin with Knotty pine paneling , at a lake to fish. Oh Yes he  also did that too!!!! He  showed me how to do a lot of things in my life. Dad I'm so proud of you and miss you so much .You are my HERO always and forever. Wish I could go fishing with you .We had many fun times at the lake.!!!!  Like the time I tried to play at being a blind  person and walked off the end of the pier with a blindfold on and fell in the lake with my cousin ........I LOVE YOU !!!! 
 I am so proud of you as a wonderful Father to me ,a man and a veteran who served his country and the government sometimes forgot. But others didn't and never will .We miss you .Shine on My Army Father Shine on !!!!!!!!!!!!! when you go to the link for this site next here you'll have to scroll down and click off my music so you can hear the video.Im sorry that is the only way I know how to stop it for you to enjoy the website Thanks

 Here is a site I found thru a friend .It is really cool so check it out It helps vets to enjoy fishing the rather"disabled" ones   . nice fishing site also .A more happy way to end my blog posting for to-nite. So to all you who have served our country ....God Bless you for all you have done...... all that you are and all that you have given of yourselves so that we are free to enjoy everyday.Thank You so much!!!!!
 Please say some prayers for all the Oklahoma Tornado  people who have lost so much. God bless you all  !!!!

News 9 Reunites Tornado Survivor With Dog - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

News 9 Reunites Tornado Survivor With Dog - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports
  |isnt this great !!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Brenda Papadakis of Dear Jane Quilt ,Linda Franz, Quiet book "paper dolls "

Hi everyone,
Today is  a sad time for Brenda Papadakis as her husband passed away this week. She is such a dear gal. You that know her know what she has given us a treasure of "THE QUILT" known as "Dear Jane". She also has the quilt pattern book known as Dear Hannah.  Her work and research has brought so much happiness and led to masses of friendships, gatherings and such creativity for the quilt world .We owe so much to her. Please remember her in your prayers this week and if you know her send her a card. I have had the chance to meet her several times and hear her speak. I also have had the opportunity to be a part of the Dear Jane retreat with her there in Shipshewana ,Indiana  she is so much fun and has so much talent also.  I had the honor of sitting with her at the Dear Jane retreat week in 2009 maybe ? I have 25 blocks done out of 225  Quilt .I have quite ways to go for sure .....I'm doing my Dear Jane Quilt in Batiks.
 God bless  you Brenda !!!! .Our prayers and love are with you !!!!!
 At that retreat several years ago maybe 2006 was Linda Franz. I was next to her when she got a call that her  product "Inklingo" was approved for publication.That is a moment to remember when a artist has her work approved for publication. In case you haven't heard of that she has a computer program that allows you to print on the back of fabric run through the printer. Then you can hand piece your fabric after cutting it out already printed on the fabric for you so cool.It makes such a precise project because of have hexies, diamonds etc.  she has several programs now to use this way it's pretty neat so check it out. She also has Quilted Diamonds 1 & 2. and others.... Really cool publications.  You can just Google" Inklingo "and go to her site.
Here are the little fabric dolls.One is stuffed to play with
The front of the quiet book
 I am still working on my Quiet book for my niece...... Krystyn are a few pics till I get it done to show you the finish