Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hi I am planning on posting something that relates to Veterans until Veterans Day this is a site for quilts of valor I want to make a hero quilt next or something to honor or vets.This is near and dear to me as my Father who is now deceased was a WWII veteran. He was blinded in Normandy invasion in 1944 at the age of 23 .Just like the young guys coming back now so young. No body knows what they have done or given up until you are around one for some length of time. All I can say is WOW I salute you all Vets. I get teary eyed thinking about them. Another site is this site I am involved in a quilt guild in Elkhart Indiana. Heartland quilters have made quilts and donated to the hero quilts. This guild is one I belong to but this fall didn't return due to my health problems. This group (Hero quilts) accepts quilt tops and finishes them for the soldiers . Great amount of work done here. I have done a block for quilts of valor for the Indiana group.I hope some of you very capable people will get involved in some of these projects it means so much to all our vets that are coming home injured.

Here is another site to help. hospital was started for the vets coming home from the war. Since the vets were coming home and had to wait and so were getting under excellent care from our government like the Walter Reed hospital .Its amazing to me they are all gun hoe for these guys & gals to go serve our country but when they come home battered ,wounded,crippled ,blinded, PTSD, its all forgotten about then. I get real up in arms about this care they are given. But now thanks to our country our citizens who have given out of their pocket this facility was built for them. It was NOT a government project ,I am ashamed of the government for this . All the stupid things that our taxes are spent on like how flys mate or something like it but we can't have state of the art care for these vets just makes me ashamed for our country. Ok I will get off my soap box now. but go and check it out its really a great tribute to the private people who have gotten this going. Don Imus who a lot of people dislike which I understand has promoted this very strongly.Many of you don't know that he has a ranch in New Mexico which helps children who have cancer and sickle cell anemia.Yes Black children go there also to build up the kids self esteem because of their illnesses. His wife Deidre is involved in the autism investigation to help find the reasons for it. She also has a line of products out that are for green cleaning.all the proceeds go to the ranch . Go check it out also.I have bought them and I love how they clean and smell . soft sage scent. a lot of hospitals use her products now. So that's about it for today . go check these places out.

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