Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Look & Old Ways & Computer Save

Hi ,I decided to change my look I love the water since we live on the lake and make a fresh new look. so I played last night till 1:30AM. It turned out like I wanted just took some time to look at all the possibilities now that they offer and get colors coordinated .Hope you like it. I went to my monthly guild meeting in Goshen,In. Our guild is called Mapleleaf quilters. We have so much talent in that guild .Many of our members are published and many have patterns. Many of our members have been awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd places at quilt shows and the Elkhart County Fair. I am very proud to be a member . I have learned so much we each bring something to the guild that is positive. We are an old area . By that I mean we have an area that still have Amish and Mennonite. They still do things very old fashioned .We learn a lot from them. Some have left their old ways but still know how to do crafts and hobbies the old way. we had a lady who was older and did rug weaving with wool strips. She was amazing to me.She still makes rugs and quilts for her family that match and to enjoy match. I need to learn another procedure to post something on here. Oh my, by the way I did a stupid thing this week .I came out of it ok but it sure didn't look that way. I spilled coffee with cream on my computer ,my laptop.I had set it on my table by my chair . I moved my computer there and did not move the computer ,the TZU"S, Coochie & Tazzie came running by and bumped the table .Coffee everywhere, on the computer & table top I grabbed the computer and turned it sideways and dumped the coffee out.I thought it was over but the computer was still running I turned it off. I then went to my husband's computer and Googled for how to clean out a spill on the computer. I found it.I took the computer almost completely apart and put it back together. Surprise it worked when I turned it back on.I was pretty proud of myself to say the least I had never attempted it before. My Mother was always taking things apart and repairing them so I guess I follow in her footsteps in a good way. Night all!!!!!

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