Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arthoscopic Hip surgery, T-shirt remembrance quilt

Hi Just listening to the thunder roll here in Florida. we got close to 4-5 in. of rain yesterday. We it rains it really pours !!!! It is warm 90, but better than cold and rainy up north in Indiana. We are just waiting to get my doctors release so we can go back north after the 6th of June. wow big crack of thunder..... Poor Coochie has just got to the door to go out to potty and bang, So much for that potty break. Wow just 3 big claps of thunder then nothing but sun. I am running on pure battery now.I unplugged the computer. I have had a computer get blown by a close strike of lightning in the sewing room so I always unplug computer and sewing machine. both to expensive to lose through a thunder storm. I am recovering from surgery on my hip.I was very lucky here in Florida. I found 2 great Doctors. I got a recommendation to a good Orthopedic Doctor from a friend in our park. He has done several surgerys of people here.I really liked him. Dr. Farmer thought he just didn't trust himself to go any farther so he took my MRI to a conference in Orlando. The Doctor there saw my test and said he thought he saw a leak in the dye from the test. When I saw him he said he wanted to try surgery. He is one of only 4 Doctors in Florida that does repair on hips arthoscopically. He is only 31 .WOW!!!! I was thinking he's younger than my son and is teaching others how to do this procedure. Till January they didn't even have a code for the Insurance for billing so is really pretty new. So with 2 inscisions and dislocating my hip he took out a piece of floating bone, repaired cartilage, mended the membrane it was torn and resurfaced the ball joint and drilled holes in my ball joint to encourage it to grow again. So I was in and out patient by 1:00 in afternoon. Amazing. Thanks Dr.Toman in Punta Gorda. You're amazing.!!!!!! It's funny how when the time is right God sends you in the right direction. I felt totally at ease with him doing the surgery. Now I'm walking toe touch only on a walker for a month.I call it my Wheelie mobile.a little pain now and then but nothing like before. The last week I was going to go to the emergency room and get a pain shot one afternoon. My husband has been amazing taking care of me .He does it all cooking, cleaning, laundry. Great guy!!!! Kudos to you Gene,I love you !!!!
I have been working on a T-shirt quilt. My friend Gloria in Florida had a best friends daughter lost her husband tragically. He slipped off a rock into the ocean and drowned. He was so young so here it is .I wish I had had more white shirts but used what I had to work with. we printed a picture of them at the ball park together...... so tomorrow , Sunday, Gloria and I are going to put the back on and begin to tie it. This is not hard to do really rather easy. You back the t-shirts with fushible interfacing. cut to match. That's the thing. some of the shirts had bigger pictures and some alot smaller pictures. We had to make them uniform to go together. I top stitched down seams like sweatshirts and t-shirts around the neck. It made the seams lay down better. Then to finish we will tie with ribbon. Gloria wanted Minkie on back for the backing, so we are putting Minkie to match her living room colors. The one tshirt says 343 with names inside the number.I believe it is the number of Firefighters lost in 911 or number of firehouse, not sure but, they had a lot of friends from there perish in 911. I'm sure Jen will be over whelmed with it. A good remembrance of her Vinnie.

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