Friday, January 13, 2012

Star blocks

Hi I found a blog for Modas and the quilts of Valor project.It is a freebie download to make a star and donate it to Moda. will then turn around and make quilts from our star blocks so check it out and so much easier than making a whole quilt if you cannot.It is a way for expressing a show of gratitude for our troops. SO sad how so many are disfigured and incapactitated and  injured so badly disfigured from fire etc. They save so many now unlike Viet Nam or wars before. They can med -a- vac so easily and get them the help they need so much faster now.My Father laid on the ground for 3 days in WW2 before they got to him. He was a forward observer in Normandy front lines and took a direct hit in a fox hole on his walkie talkie .This time in history  also was the first beginning of using antibiotic for infections.By that time he had been injured in the face.He lost his sight and one eye he believes he could see a little but had to be removed because of infection. I miss you Dad what a great Father and wonderful Man you were !!!!. I 'm sorry you cannot be here now. He came home from the service and did not let his blindness stop him in any way from doing things in his life.You are and always will be my Hero.He never got to see me so when he took his last breath I said well Dad now you can see me.I was thinking about people who say they have floated over their body when they die and are brought back. What I wouldn't give to just have another day with you !!!!   I LOVE YOU.
   I know I got off track but when I think of our troops ,I cannot help but think about my Dad .

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