Friday, September 28, 2012

Bom Rehab

  I stumbled upon a site called  a site called  pink pincushion The site is a fun blog site .It is a site to post to your blog and help you to finish your BOM'S .I have several going.I have a lot more loaded on my computer. What husbands don't understand is that you have one chance to load these then you have to pay for them. I have pleaded my case to no end but to no avail ,hmm he just doesn't get it.!!!! He built me a lovely sewing room. I have a new computer now so I can load a lot of BOM's and Freebies on here and we are networked so I can still access my old files from his computer. so I am adding the Rehab button if you have a Blog you can join TOO!!! ""
 I am finishing up my BOM from Marti Mitchell called "American Beauty". I am doing it in white .Its so pretty pink and green and some yellow. So soft and pretty.This is the first time I joined a BOM where I bought the BOM every month. I must say I was pleasantly pleased with the process. 
I got it through a website quilt store called The Quilt Basket in Wappineers Falls, N.Y. I had no sign up fee and no big amount at the end of the 12 Months. It was consistent thru all the months  I am very pleased Quilt Basket with your process. THANKS I loved the quilt blocks and the way you handle your patrons.
 I do feel so much better now. I have finished my infusions and my incision is healed nicely now.We have been exercising in the pool every morning here in Florida as the weather allows.

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