Thursday, October 4, 2012

Definition of a Quilt Guild

Hi All.
  This is a definition of a quilt guild as defined by our Guild President for this year..It might take some time to read but it is inspiring and shows you how much quilting can change your life in many ways. Fern is a Fantastic Quilter and her quilts are just done to Perfection. Our county Fair is one of the largest in the COUNTRY .To win 1st place there is truly an honor and quite a feat to conquer so read this and see how you also can  improve thru participating in your guild and being a Participating  member instead of a person just sitting back and watching!!!1

17) “Definition of a Quilt Guild” – written and read to us by Fern
A collection of people with a common interest, formed for the purpose of fellowship, preservation, and the development of their craft. The fellowship is accomplished by our monthly meetings and other gatherings, where we pass on our skills and techniques to our other members.
I’m sure there are many reasons to join a guild. I did to surround myself with quilters, so I could learn to be a better quilter. I have gotten so much more than that.
I’ve made friends, even one that I think of as my best friend. Along the way I’ve gained confidence, in myself and my quilting. When I look back at my early quilts --- that I though were great at the time --- and then at what I’m doing now, there’s no comparison. Since joining this guild I have had three Best of Show’s, four Sweepstakes, five First Place’s, one Second Place, two Third Place’s, have been featured artist at Yoder Department Store, and selected to do a bed turning event at our Gathering of Quilters. Now I am even able to stand here and speak to you. I didn’t tell you this to boast, but to point out how much I’ve developed as a direct result of participating in the guild and its activities. Not only could I not speak in public, but I wouldn’t holler FIRE if someone else was there to do so. I’ve even gotten my husband to do the laundry and cook so I can quilt!
The very least you get from belonging to a guild is being with other quilters one night a month. Our families may tire of hearing about quilts, but no one here does. That alone can lift your spirits and inspire you. You can also participate in quilt shows, retreats, classes, Sew What nights, and challenges. They get you to do things out of your comfort zone, which helps you grow. I know I wouldn’t have gotten so much out of guild membership if I hadn’t participated. Not I know, no one has time to do all the challenges and programs, but please try to do as many as you can. It will not only help you, but also the person who presented it. While I’m on that, let me add, most programs will not thrill every member here. We are all on different skill levels. If you’re one who is not really interested in the program, please have respect for the one presenting it and the ones who are interested. Please don’t chit-chat. Pass a note if you must. As our membership has grown it has become harder and harder to hear the speaker, or maybe I’ve just gotten older. It’s not easy for some of us to get up and give a program either, and it helps if the others look like they are interested.
We ask for nine volunteers to do programs for this year. Not one volunteered. Elaine said she would do this month, so I didn’t have to start my year as Chair without a program. We all really need to thank her for that. Without her we would have had my husband here teaching us how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble an automatic Colt 45. Trust me, we don’t want that, but if I have to come up with programs for the whole year, we may end up there yet! The hard part --- getting the guild officers --- is done. The rest of you lucked out…for this year. I would like to see some of the newer members do some of the programs also, so we can get to know them better. A guild is only as good as its members, and I believe we are great. Thank you.

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