Sunday, January 13, 2013

my Featherweight & U-SEW for Sewing Machine repair

I took my Featherweight in to a local repair man .He blew out my motor and re-greased the whole sewing machine. So if in doubt and you accidentally oil your motor instead of  greasing it. stop and take it to someone who knows what they are doing. Is working like a jewel now. If you are local to the area Rick At  U- SEW in N. Ft Myers Fl at 505 Pondella  Rd. It is in a little mini mall across the bridge and just to the left . He is honest and reasonable for fixing machines . He had my machine ready the next day so I am a happy camper. Thanks Rick I also got some oil from him with the long tube to use to oil anything with I oiled 2 doors in the house that squeaked  It worked great .HE-HE HE. I also saw a Singer Genie at U SEW like the one  I bought at a garage sale for 15.00 and he had at 115.00 so I might try to sell it down the line who knows. Fun to get good deals and it is in good working condition. I cleaned it up as it was pretty grungy. It was from the 60-70's .It had the Flower power look  It had the book with it and was pretty dirty to begin with. I oiled it .I have the singer grease so I guess now I should go back and grease it. Here is a  few pictures of it and my 1951 Centennial Featherweight.
Genie- Model No 354

My Centennial  1951

Centennial Badge

Well I am on step one of the Easy Street Mystery by Bonnie Hunter now. I have gotten all the grey an B/W fabric for the first step. I have purples, turquoises and Lime greens. I think I will need more Lime Green but can get that down the line .I pulled out quite a bit from my stash for the  Mystery Quilt .I always enjoy working on a project from Bonnie .She is really a fun gal to learn from . She is so creative .Id like to do another 7 shirt quilt from her patterns.They turn out so cool .It is quite a lot of Prep work but is fun going together so go to to Bonnie's site and check her  out again.

  Tomorrow I go for my Carpal tunnel surgery @ Riverwalk  Surgery Center in Ft. Myers Fl....Dr. Collins is doing the surgery. I am a little nervous as of course not unusual. I hope all goes well . With having Fibromyalgia I had so much pain after my hip surgery they knocked me back out basically .The pain was so bad in my back I didn't even feel my hip actually. I had asked  Doctor Farmer to keep me pain free and he said he would.The problem was Gene my husband had so much trouble keeping me awake after all the pain meds my oxygen level kept falling very low. OMG Gene had to stand by my side fir 4 hrs and keep waking me up .I think they over sedated me but it was a real night mare . If you have Fibromyalgia make sure your Doctor or Surgeon knows so he can help you thru the outcome.

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