Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my sewing room & my new 301

If you haven't seem my sewing room scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can see pics of it there.It is so peaceful and pleasant here.I have the radio and a TV to entertain myself when I'm want music or tv shows.I have a great hubbie and he has done a great job on my room.He put 6-2 plug receptacles in my main sewing area.He even put a light up above with a little fan on the strip lighting. How cool is that huh?
 Well I placed an absent bid on a 301 Singer  machine.I won!!!!!!! 29.99 now that's a bargain. It seems to run well but is really greasy dirty and needs to be waxed and buffed for sure. I am in the process of cleaning it a little at a time.I clean the catch pan was really greasy .It needs a new pad so I will order that on Glenn Williams featherweight site.I see they don't go any cheaper than 89.00 on E bay up to 750.00 for a pristine one...... 750,00 is outrageous to me....I cannot take a pic cause Gene forgot to put the camera card back in the camera before he left for Indiana. Its in his computer so will have to wait till after next Wednesday .I just wanted to tell you about my bargain,my new addition ,the big sister 301. I named her Mildred since she is middle size to Fanny Featherweight lol .....Nite all!!!!

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Rebecca Grace said...

Hi, Debbie! I was looking for the pictures of your sewing room and sewing cabinet, but I could not find them. Your Featherweight is beautiful, though.

Rebecca Grace of Cheeky Cognoscenti