Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day..... Our Vets, Our Heros

Well today is one I always remember I am a daughter of a w w 2 vet. He was one of those men who was just so amazing He was blinded on July 4th in France at the tender age of 23  .He was a Forward Observer on the front lines. He had a shell explode in his face and lost his eyes. He went to rehab in England at Saint Dunstis .I believe ,I hope I got that right for the spelling. He said he wasn't so bad off there were guys who lost there hearing and eyes or legs .Geesh what an out look  he had but he had some rough spots but never let it beat him down. He did almost everything a sighted person did. He gardened, canned food, did electrical working in his  home that the Amish built  He ran a saw and built a cabin with Knotty pine paneling , at a lake to fish. Oh Yes he  also did that too!!!! He  showed me how to do a lot of things in my life. Dad I'm so proud of you and miss you so much .You are my HERO always and forever. Wish I could go fishing with you .We had many fun times at the lake.!!!!  Like the time I tried to play at being a blind  person and walked off the end of the pier with a blindfold on and fell in the lake with my cousin ........I LOVE YOU !!!! 
 I am so proud of you as a wonderful Father to me ,a man and a veteran who served his country and the government sometimes forgot. But others didn't and never will .We miss you .Shine on My Army Father Shine on !!!!!!!!!!!!! when you go to the link for this site next here you'll have to scroll down and click off my music so you can hear the video.Im sorry that is the only way I know how to stop it for you to enjoy the website Thanks

 Here is a site I found thru a friend .It is really cool so check it out It helps vets to enjoy fishing the rather"disabled" ones   . nice fishing site also .A more happy way to end my blog posting for to-nite. So to all you who have served our country ....God Bless you for all you have done...... all that you are and all that you have given of yourselves so that we are free to enjoy everyday.Thank You so much!!!!!
 Please say some prayers for all the Oklahoma Tornado  people who have lost so much. God bless you all  !!!!

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