Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The reason for Fibromyalgia & New BOM from Esther Aliu (going to be gorgeous) is a site to go read about the latest study for Fibro.The study talks about Blood and the differences in people who have it and don't. so here is the link to go to for the paper.It was interesting to me. so read and review is a article I say is something to consider anyway.
I had a  Hyatial Hernia repair and am still feeling rather weak.I a on a limited diet till my stomach has a chance to heal.So if I don't post much fr the next month I cant seem to get going yet.My energy level is so low and I cant drink Coffee till I'm released from The Doctor. I LOVE MY MORNING COFFEE. I drink Black Silk from Folgers It's a killer not to drink any at all for the last 2 weeks. Mind you I don't have to many cups anyway maybe 2 but I can hardly put one foot in front of the other. So maybe I will be able to drink some here soon.I hope.

Friday is the day Esther Ali is launching a new BOM. It is called "LOVE ENTWINED" . It is going to be very intricate. It is a 1797 marriage coverlet that is so detailed and beautiful truly a work of Art. So if you have never done one of BOM go hope there and sign up at Yahoo newsletter groups for her site.The Blocks will be one a month and once they are gone they will be for sale.Even if you don't think you want to make it is wise to download to keep just in case you see it done and then it will cost you. So if you read her newsletter its very exciting now and so much enthusiasm for the Quilt. Go look at the Quilt and see for yourself what you think .I'm going to try to do this is going to be difficult and time consuming ,but should be a work of art when finished for sure. here is the link 
 Friday  is the day to go to her blog. I can't wait is exciting to see a new BOM unfold!!!!!!
 Love your designs Esther!!!!!

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Anne Marieke said...

Do you have fibro too? Pretty good news in that article. Finally they have realised it is not 'between the ears'.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Glad you like it.