Friday, September 12, 2008


I just started this because I see so many neat blogs that Id like to share with others and the most simple way is to setup a blog so here it is.

I'll tell you a little about me. I'm a baby boomer born in 1949. I am married to a great guy named Gene .Hes a lot of fun likes to socialize , the life of the party. .we met on the internet in aug 2001 and got married in Oct 19,2003. We live in Warsaw ,In . We live at a lake.
we are somewhat retired.We are developing a subdivision. With the housing market slowed down its like being retired actually for me. we have a beautiful 12 acres to develop with a creek on one side a woods on another side and subdivision on another .Its rolling and quiet .Its been our dream for a few years to do this only started when things were slowing down .

I have one son Jason 34 ,one step son Jason 33,one step daughter Kristin 30.I really dont feel that my other 2 are step children ,They are just as special to me rather hard to say you have 2 sons named Jason. Just a little strange right? lol

I have 4 half brothers and sisters of which I am the oldest. They all live in different parts of the country. My brother Mark lives in Elkhart with his wife Renny and 2 children ones in college at Purdue. One sister lives in Wisconsin Jennifer with her husband Randy and daughter Krystyn . They adopted her from Poland last year. My other sister Denise .She lives in Tuscon with her husband L.J and 2 children. one is in college and one out of college. My other brother Scott lives in Florida ,in Bonita springs My Mother Bette (with an "E" its a joke in our family) she lives in N ft myers Florida. Her husband passed away at the end of July. My passion for sewing came from my Mother and grandmother. we have a cat named creeper and a pup born Christmas 2007. Her name is "Coochie". what a little dream. Shes a Shih Tzu. I wish I had bought one before now. shes just been the greatest. Sweet, funny and smart. Loves to play and loves everybody.

ok now that thats out of he way I love to sew and quilt. I love applique and hand piecing best . I like embroidery & cross stitch of which I haven't done much of lately. I belong to 2 quilting guilds one is in Goshen, Maple leaf quilters and one in Elkhart, Heartland Quilters.

I plan on adding some websites here for people to have access to some neat places


gene said...

after reading your blog it sounds as though you have a super husband what a lucky gal you are Luv ya

Debbie said...

Yes and what a lovely wife you must have also hehehe