Sunday, September 14, 2008

rainy day

Well its raining quite a bit here today .Remnants of hurricane Ike I guess. Blowing across he lake and it has white caps . wwe have flood warnings in counties north of us .wont be to long and we will be in flood conditions also .
Good day to sew, well right now I'm watching Nascar.Im looking at blogs and sites to post for your enjoyment.
I am in a yahoo quilt group called .Its a neat group for those who like freebie patterns for quilts etc. I love it .so go join if you are a freebie junkie lol (Like me).Another group I am envolned in is Nice group of shihtzu lovers and very informative too.
I met a new friend through there only 30 miles away. Shes a great lady. Mary .we have alot in common .we both have ShihTzus, also we both have Fibromyalgia.If you have it you know what a &?~*&^ syndrome it is! I had to retire from Hairdressing which I did for 37 yrs.When I quit I was sitting on a stool and had a 2 inch foam mat to stand on. It was what I did since I was 20 yrs old .I knew nothing else.Its bitter sweet.Yes we retired at the lake,thats great but because I have so much pain I cant really enjoy it.I just recently found out I have a collapsed disc in my lower back .I was single for 25 yrs Its very hard for me to give in to anything .But this all has knocked me down pretty good.We are lucky to have The Healthy Indiana plan insurance.The governor Mitch Daniels started.Most republicans arent known for this type of help but its a blessing from God because we had ins that was junk and expensive. Well enough of the gloom I love hand work and do alot it helps to keep your mind busy.The biggest blessing and mood elevator is "Coochie" our pup I begged for another dog,well I finally won Gene had to agree how great a dog she is. My driver Dale Earnhardt jr was leading for a long time but has fallen behind. well im off to post some new blogs and links for everyone. Go JR.!!!!!!

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