Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Im glad the storm fronts have left I think everyone feels better.I know if you have Fibro or arthritis you don't feel as well as when its sunny out.Its a great sunny day .I need more days to get my tomatoes to ripen .Some warm nights would help also.I am just planning on freezing them .I don't have my canner here .I like home canned tomatoes especially in Winter, when making soups or other dishes. I use on of those sealer bags, a Kenmore sealer.

If its nice today I might take my sewing machine outside and sew today with Coochie.She loves to go outside and just watch what is going on outside.She does better when its not so hot.

Hey I found a neat item on

She has these old fashioned looking pincushions for sale. THEY ARE A KIT TO MAKE .ITS A LARGE FACE OF A GAL WITH A HAT ON .THERE IS 6 OTHER THINGS TO MAKE ALSO.ITS 19.95. I had to order one. I cant wait to get it. the link to see them is posted above .
The Midget blocks are cute.If you are a Dear Jane fan you'll love these little 4 and 1/2 in blocks.I have done a couple.On in particular is really a challenge if you like english paper piecing check out no.58. Its a trip to do .But I wanted to try it not to bad just time consuming.
Gayle has the neatest free projects on her site.Lots of neat free patterns for quilts. !!!! Check out her website. I have downloaded most of her patterns she has offered
Gayle I like your site best I do believe.It always fun to visit

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