Sunday, November 16, 2008

well its sure not fall anymore it's winter now here at the lake anyway. If you don't wrap up like a mummy you'll freeze going outside. we live on the east side of the lake .The wind blows across and nothing to stop it. It's just so cold goes right thru you unless your covered up like you are on your way to the artic tundra!!!!!!!!! well the remedy for this is go where it's warm.we hope to go away this winter.Maybe Florida to see my mom just have to wait and see. I'm planning on having surgery on my back as soon as possible.I tired of fighting this pain.This has been going on over a year now.

On a brighter side I have my husbands quilt ready to baste here. I haven't done quilt this big so this will be a new experience for me. I watched sharon schambers basting technique I think I will try that way . It looked pretty fool proof. she has a video on her web page for free.. I'd like to buy her video pkg. but I just don't have the funds it's 200.00 it is for 60 some videos for a year.

It was 11 years ago yesterday my Father died . My husbands dad on nov 13 we weren't together then.I can not imagine doing 2 funerals in 2 days. we would have had to do them alone because his dad was in Ill. He was such a remarkable man .Jack was blinded in France as a forward observer.This was ww2 . He came home to my mom and went on with his life. He went back to GE in Ft Wayne working in a factory totally blind. The lists of things he could do was just astounding.I was so proud of him..He built a cottage at wolf lake in Mich. I was there once or twice but can't remember very well .I had ice skates and think I tried to go skating .He ran a saw. he taught me how to do that. He had a garden . He could go down a string line and pull weeds .I can pull weeds and still pull out plants and I am looking at it. He taught me how to do canning. He wired his home in Ft. Wayne .I watched him do that . He would go up in the attic and he would ask us what color the lines were.we would leave him alone and he would go at it. He could change the oil in my car.My uncle Ed told me he came to my grandparent' s home and walked down stairs and my Father was sitting in the dark working on a boat motor. He was a tough act to follow. He looked 10 ft tall to me. We were very close.My parents divorced when I was 2 &1/2. I didn't get to see him very often since he lived in Ft Wayne and I lived in So. Bend about a 2 hr drive one way. It made it hard . When I was 13 he moved to Bourbon,which was a lot closer. It was a 120 acre farm.I got to have a horse there. I spent more time there. I would just call and ask them my step mother and dad to come and get me.In the 50's Fathers didn't have the right they do now.Unfortunately I was in the middle of a tug of war between two people and my mom held he rope tight. She says she was protecting me from him but as I got bigger it was still the same. At around 8 I got to try to run this scenario in my head around.My step mother and step dad were married and divorced.Geesh no one was divorced in the 50's I was the only one in my class. I was about 8 yrs old somewhere in there when I found that out. It just seemed so weird to me. so basically they switched mates. Oh well in the past .The good of that was I had a great step mother. She was loving to me and we were good friends. I lost a special person when she passed in 1983 of lung cancer.. No one knew I was her step daughter .They all thought I was hers. My step dad and I butted heads.I was the first in birth line , a girl and someones elses kid. so 3 strikes you are out lol. I grew up fast . I baby sat for 4 kids over night at 13 .I had a lot of responsibility , but then when I acted like an adult it wasn't ok. Mixed messages for sure. It taught me to be independent. If I wanted clothes I would go put it on layaway and pay them off on my own. Not that they wouldn't buy for me, I just would take it on myself to go for it.I'm rambling on today . I guess reminiscing because of my Fathers death anniversary . I think it does those things.Its also a full moon now so more emotions. Love all you who have passed and left so many memories there in my heart. Thanks for the memories, It was sweet .I love you all !!!!!!!

I have to post this picture of my little sweetie Coochie . Shes just turned out to be the best dog. She will be 1 yr old Christmas

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