Monday, November 17, 2008

Its snowing out side today . Not a nice day . Coochie got a bath and haircut I got to go to the P.T. and after that I went to the dentist and I have to have another root canel done. I thought so .My teeth were bothering me on the left side and the pain comes and goes. So after I go to my Dear Jane retreat in Shipshe this week I will go to the Endodontist .I havent paid fr the last one yet. Geesh I think I should have had false teeh would have been cheaper and done all at once.Oh welll ................heres a new site I found on my cyberquilters newsletter
It looks like a really neat place so I will put it in my links section here . You could be here a while. Well gotta go here have a little more trimming to do on Coochie so she looks good to go to the vets tomorrow.

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