Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new blogs for me

I have a new tutorial that tells how to do some wool applique. Its cottons n wollens. I just love to go to new sites and see everyones work & creativity.I just cut up several wool jackets I got at the goodwill stores. You can buy a whole jacket for the price you pay for a 1/4 yd of wool. .I picked up some nice pieces and some sweaters also. I washed everything and dried them . I am doing a tisket a tasket in soft colors but I saw this done is wool also .It was pretty cool . So it goes to show you , you can pretty much do the same thing in wool as in cottons. You'll have to check out a tisket a tasket ,Cute blocks .There is one every month . I am working on the first one . So sweet will make a cute quilt top.I will put a link up for that also .

Our puppy is growing she is almost 3 months and weighs3 lbs and 5 oz. She is angel and devil .Tazzie fits her well when she is tired. We bought her a playpen or exercise pen .It was a great investment. Just like a baby you have to have a place to put them while cooking etc. Its 36 in by 36 in. and about 22 in tall. what is nice is you can take it apart easily and take it outside. Coochie annot get the puppies food now eithe. AH!!! lol she was gaining weight we do not want her to look like the rest of the Kelly's. she looks like a small teddy bear. She is miss personality . She likes to cuddle. I put her to bed and no fuss. She ahs had someproblems I hope we are getting ontop of them now. ichanged her food to Innova .I had never heard of that food till I was on the ShiTzu Yahoo list and someone reccommended it to me I think she is doing better. I have her speaking now She is learning things. I want her to learn to speak like Coochie does to let me know when she has to go potty. shes getting the idea anyway.

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