Friday, July 24, 2009

summer & sewing

Hi I just love summer !!!!open windows, less clothes, barefoot, sleeping with the windows open, sewing outside on the deck, boat rides, cookouts,garage sales, flowers, fresh veggies,fresh fruit,especially Indiana sweet corn YES indeed!!!!!

I haven't posted for a while I have had to much back pain to sit here on the computer or sew or much of anything. Getting better, Had some injections in lower back and hip.I feel better at least for a while.

Tazzie is growing bigger. she is funny !!!! She runs from Coochie and slips under the ottoman and then barks at her.One of these days she will be to big and will get stuck. She is learning to get potty trained here somewhat. she gets to the door anyway and the pee pee pads so its a beginning.

I have been working on blocks which are free on Bunny Hill patterns. A tisket a tasket. real cute patterns go check them out there will be 12 maybe at least 6 oh well I cant remember but they are cute to do .They are applique or redwork which ever you chose.

I love Blogs also one I have downloaded some free patterns from is from Jenny . If you like embroidery and shabby look , she has patterns some are free and you have to purchase some also , But cute here's her address one is love, give,peace etc.

Here is another gal named Tozz, she has some sweet embroidery patterns she gives away the first of the month then you have to buy after that but check her out also

Well I have to post a couple pics of my babies the pups no new pics of my grand daughter Eleanor but she is just so sweet. I made the hat for Coochie and her skirt and my purse.The other pics are of them on the swing together. Good night Gracie till later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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