Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Granddaughter & new puppy &Quilting

Hi,I have a new granddaughter who was born when we were in Florida with my mother. Her name is Eleanor ,she is so cute & she is so sweet. She is really a good baby. I love holding her here's a cute picture of her.Unfortunately she lives a ways away so do not get to see her much.

We also have a new puppy. She is so small 1lb.11oz. She is nine weeks old today. She is doing real well at potty training. I really do not expect her to be trained till 14-16 weeks when she has control but so far she know what to do . Not to many accidents in house really. Well anyway I have a picture to show you of her and Coochie together. Coochie is accepting her now at first it was awful. she would not look at me or take treats for me for 2 days.

I haven't been doing to much on quilting. I have to put the back together for Genes quilt. Then I have a new quilt frame to put it in so that will be fun i have to do some quilting on machine Id like to do some stipple quilting in some places. I have a program for my sewing machine to use. So then I can finish with hand quilting.I have been working on some applique pieces of Edyta from Laundry basket quilts. We had her for our Dear Jane retreat speaker last November in Shipshewanna.

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