Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back home again in Indiana

Hi we are back in Indiana.Yeh well rather yuk.I do not like this darkness. I enjoyed the sunny weather in Florida. So much more fun when it is warm. The only good thing is I am going to a Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewanna In. It is always fun with all the friends I have made and to see all the creations. I haven't seen the gals from our Maple Leaf guild all winter either so I am looking forward to that also.
I have been checking out sharon schambers videos. She has a neat way of basting a quilt .It is different from what I have seen before . I am going to try it I can do quilting without a frame and in my lap .here is her site and she has a lot of freebies to watch. she is a great teacher I feel anyway. "". click on the title to go to her website.My girlfriend in Florida Nancy found a new product called a quilting halo. I haven't bought one yet I'm waiting to see if she really like it because its is a bit pricey at 24.95 but Sharon has them for sale on her website. well I still have to go put all my fabric books etc away yet from Florida so I better go get that done so I can repack to go to the retreat go check our Sharons page its pretty cool !!!!!!!!!!

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Jeanne said...

Hi Debbie! I've added your site to my bloglines so I can stay up to date with your latest projects. I hope you'll post a photo of the bag you made in Shipshe. Jeanne