Friday, September 25, 2009

Nappanee apple &quilt festival

I went to the Nappanee quilt festival last Saturday. It was great a nice day and my friend Sherryl went with me she lives in Nappanee so she showed me around.It was the apple festival but they had a quilt exhibit at the assisted living center it was really nicely done I took some pictures so I am going to list them here She had some quilts in Middlebury festival and Nappanee so I put them both in here. she had salvedged some blocks and finished the quilt, It was the dresden plate a 30's project....... nice job Sherryl !!!!Hers also was the blue quilt with the stars. we had a great time. Had some food an apple dumpling was great with ice cream on top.!!!!!

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Gina said...

grreat quilts

love and hugs Gina xxx