Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and last year

our friends Peg & Bill

New years at Clubhouse

our friends Donna & Jerry & Charlie

Deb(me)Gene(my husband) and Steve (our contractor in Indiana)

Tazzie with Bra on & Coochie

unpacking our trailer

Hi we are in Sunny Florida it is cold today beginning in the 40's hi of 60's but windy so now swimming today.. It has been an eventful stay here. Both of our Shih Tzu's Coochie (2 on Christmas day) & Tazzie have had emergency Vet situations. Coochie the severest. She had an encounter with Fire ants. They are horrible here. We didn't know how bad . They attacked Coochie in our yard after a heavy down pour. She went into antiphilactic shock in several minutes.I had to grab her and take her on the golf cart to our friends to get them to take me to the vets. My husband had gone to pickup a carpet cleaner and he could not get here as fast as our close friends Bill & Peg. we got to the Vets in about 15 min from the attack. My poor girl had thrown up peed on herself and pooed in my arms on our way .I knew she wasn't going to be here long.Thank God we went fast she had great care. Her eyes had the fixed look about them. I knew from different shows I had watched that she needed a shot to counter act the reaction. My husband Gene met us at he first vets. In another 15 min she was hooked up to Iv's and had had steroids injected . what a difference.!!!!!She was sitting up and wagging her tail when we got to see her. We kept combing ants out of her fur. I was helping also . From there we had to take her to the Emergency Vets since it was Saturday. She had to stay over night and be watched. Thank God we got to pick her up the next morning. She was very tired and layed and slept a lot. she is such a great dog. so sweet . She has always been a Good puppy ,she just knew her boundaries and what she could chew on and not. she is normal now. How medicine has helped us and our pets to live longer and make it through bad situations. I groomed her and counted close to 10 - 15 scabes on her legs where the Ants had bit her.
I said a lot of prayers that morning and someone heard them.I kept saying hang on Coochie I will save you. I just think we have a connection together now. I was crying one day after that . she jumped up and was licking my face. She has never done that before.She sensed my anxiety. I have had moments before this was different.I know i have gone on and on but if you are an animal love like me then you feel my feelings. so with that I will go to another subject.

I made 12 quadruple place mats for Christmas gifts for my son and daughters families.. I also finished my Granddaughter Eleanor's quilt.I made her a small one to carry around with her. I embroidered her name and some phrases on it with my Babylock Ese2. I then used my featherweight to finish it. I bound it by hand. I need to make a label I was busy.I have to make a doll quilt for my niece in Wisconsin. I found a great little one on the BunnyHill website for free. I have to bind my husbands Flamingo quilt that I had my friend Sherryl Tobias quilt on her long arm from Nappanee In. We used varigated thread of blue green and pinks just really made the quilt on a black background.You have to be up close but it is really pretty!!!!! she made feathers that look like palm leaves. I was very happy with the outcome of it.I knew I could not quilt it like some traditional quilt you can do by hand. You just have to know your limitations you know? I will post pictures of my projects.
so........... for now I hope you all have a very Happy New Year . I am going to enjoy N.Ft.Myers Florida and Thank you God we are blessed to be here and all well.

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