Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Press -n-Seal & Hoffman Bali strips bags & basket

Hi I guess I haven't posted for a while here. We have been busy cleaning out our storage shed. we bought this shed for our business and boat to store. well it hasnt been used for that for 2 yrs or more .Time to clean house.We had an Estate sale. Between selling an old wheel horse with 7 attachments. also furniture, nicnaks, kitchen stuff,& clothes. We made about 1100.00. Thats helped us to have money to go to Florida this winter. Next summer we need to go thru stuff again and have another sale. I was an only child from my mom and Fathers first marriages,so I got everything. I loved my Fathers and step moms house .It's hard for me to let go of stuff and in the last several years I couldn't do much either .Im getting better but still have stuff I need to get rid of. I love redoing or fixing up old furniture. I have 2 old rockers and 2 swivel rockers to redo . I think I will paint them white and make cushions for them .I have some nice upholstery material. I love shabby chic also so I might do them up in soft pastels . We also plan to use some of this furniture in our rental houses.

I found a site that tells you about press n seal there are several tutorials.Lots of different uses for this product I have not tried it but will sometime. I have mmy husbands quilt I made him to quilt yet. Just havent gotten around to basting it yet Id like to do some machine quilting and some hand quilting also . It's a flamingo quilt and palm trees also. I posted it before.

I bought the pattern to do the clothes line Tote and basket with Hoffman Bali pops.Hoffman has a beautiful assortment of strips. I bought the sherbet.It's pink purples and greens and blues.I really like these fabric strip sets.The pattern is from Aunties Two out of Portland Me. I have some pillow covers to make for my sister in Tuscon then I plan on making a purse or a basket to take to Florida.

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