Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th

This is always a nostalgic day for me I am very patriotic . I love the Nations Birthday. Happy Birthday America!!!!! My Father Jack who is deceased now was blinded in WW2 on July 2nd or the 4th on 1944 in the Normandy invasion as a forward observer.. He gave up a lot for my freedom.I never forgot what he did for me or our country.Thanks Dad!!!!!!!I miss you Dad and Ginny so very much. Thanks for all the memories and the love you both gave me . You both loved me unconditionally and fairly. I cherish it all.

We had a great cookout yesterday. We had a beef brisket and pork tenderloin and a Chicken on a can lol . The meat was cooked off direct heat and had been marinated and seasoned . When done we then basted with water, vinegar ,onion and jalapeno peppers baste . This was all thanks to our friend Steve Peel. It was absolutely fabulously delicious !!!!!! so tender with just a hint of heat but just melted in your mouth.We had margueritas and the kids had smoothies . Our friends from Elkhart Becky and Keith Sorenson came for the day and brought several dishes .we had a ramen noodle cabbage slaw dish. It was super and pasta salad also. The neighbors and my cousin Danny and his wife Judy brought pie and cobbler. Karen and ray our neighbors and friends brought kidney bean salad and pecan and blueberry pies. After we ate we went out with our next door neighbors Don and Elaine who followed us in their pontoon to the fireworks out on the water at our home at Chapman Lake. It's always a nice event. Fireworks were very pretty as usual.

My husband help with the pancake breakfast at our conservation club and the the Flotilla on the lake.After that he is on the committee for the fireworks on the water.Its is a lot of work have to drag the barges out to the water so the crew can load the barges with the fireworks.When they are done they have to go back and move the barges out of the way . So Gene gets up and starts at 6:30 Am and doesn't get done till about 1:00 Am. He was a tired puppy today. sorry kids Grandpas butt was a draggin today.

The girls (Our 2 Shih Tzus) Coochie and Tazzie would like the day to not even happy because they do not like the boom boom's They really do pretty well but do get afraid and pace some. well time to say good night Gracie and Happy B day again America. I do love you I said a prayer of gratitude for our great nation this morning sitting outside drinking coffee .I was grateful for the beauty I get to see every day at our lake Chapman and our beautiful nation and my Freedom to do just that.!!!!!!!


Rae Ann said...

I just found your blog tonight Debbie as a result of you joining Stash Manicure. We are happy to have you!

I love the tribute to your father, Jack. It is great that he and so many others (my father included) fought so hard for our freedom. You may want to read my tribute about my father on my other blog...

We certainly are blessed to be a part of someome so great.

Sharyn said...

Hi Debbie, thank you for visiting my blog. I do love my Horizon sewing machine, but there are a lot of good machines out there.

Take samples of YOUR fabric and thread to the various dealers and sew the type of things YOU sew when test driving machines.

Also most machines have a yahoogroups list and that is a good place to see what to watch out for, and what really works well.

The Horizon 7700 just came out in May and a few of the machines have needed the feed dogs adjusted in order to pull the material through smoothly.
All the best, happy quilting, Sharyn