Friday, August 20, 2010

Just one day in my life

Hi all, I am working through the house trying to get rid of stuff I do not need. Of course in my sewing room which is used for everything because we are so short of useful space. I sew mostly now in the dining room . I have several old quilt I have gotten at garage sales and they are bulkie and where in the heck to put them. I have used them for a dog bed one was sent as a stuffing in the box for a sewing side table to keep it safe.Its great next to my chair in the living room. I bought it on Ebay and love it. The women packed it wonderfully. It has a lift up top and a drawer I believe it came from the 40's or 30's it was old .The stuffer was all out of wool scraps so I did not throw it away. I am doing some wool work also . I hate to throw away something useful . I think I will mend it and give it to the good will or cut the top up and add the scraps to my wool stash. It's big things that are hard to store.

I have my stash of quilting fabric sorted and stored in the closet in towers with 5 drawers.Its ok but just wish I could have the whole closet no I share it with the water softener.Thank Goodness we have one as the water is rusty and that is not good on my bleached blonde hair lol.Oh well then also I have stuff I didn't unload from our coming back from Florida. So I still have to do that . I didn't because my sewing room got stuffed with things I did not want broken as we let our friend use our home while we went to Florida We were going to rent this out well that meant packing and moving stuff out to rent it. Just over whelming, soooooooooo, we did nothing with our home here at the Lake to much going on when we got home. Our son is getting a divorce and the kids have been here almost every weekend.I also had to have 3 epidural shots for back and hip pain . I had a toothache for 2 weeks and thought a tooth I already had a root canal on was needing done again .Went to the Endodontist and had xrays . He thought it was my Sinuses, hmmm felt like an abscess and I have has enough to know what those feel like.My dentist also didn't see anything in xrays.Then on Monday of this week no pain Hmm weird!!!!?????? The Endodntist said to call if pain came back . That night I was chewing and half my tooth cracked off the 3rd one from the back not even the one I had the pain in I thought it was. So now I have half a tooth hanging there. I was going to have the back one pulled Geesh glad I went to the Endodontist first. Well money tight I said pull it out and fix it more later. So I did ....Was a piece of cake....Did the laughing gas thing and no pain to speak of. Pain is usually my enemy every day so was glad that was over. Between Fibromyalgia,(since so many storms you that have this know what a bad summer it has been ) hip pain and back issues a pain free day is a day to get stuff done around here I let go most of the time. It just to much sometimes and so we are not going to rent it out.

I am getting some of my UFO's finished.I just have 3-4 I want done so I can not feel guilty doing some other projects. One that I posted back a ways of a pink and green quilt I have been working on for 20 yrs!!!! Yes 20 yrs!!!.. I dove into a place I wasn't really ready to do. Lots of HST and QST so.... It's getting a good shot at getting done.I have Affairs of the heart half done and started Dear Jane which we all know takes forever and ever. I have 25 blocks done.I am doing some Edyta Starr blocks also a Tisket a Tasket from Bunny Hill it was a freebie but now a set and a BOM you have to pay for. A Baltimore Bliss blocks series from I love applique so when I see something that I really want to do I stop and start something else.Its not easy to admit but know I am not alone. There are several in my guild who have 20- 30 things started and not finished. Just venting here today I guess.I have a great husband who helps me through these hard days and we are a team and lets me do what I want in a day ,sew quilt, sleep,eat lol or whatever Internet blogging. so I am going to go sew a bit before dinner. Good night all and I will post some pics here soon.Thank you all who follow me a few but I like to make friends so say Hi when you visit ok ?

Love and Hugs to all!!!!!!

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