Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Backbasting tutorial & Disability approval and appeals process , Allsup for disability & 7 Shirt quilt

I got my disability appeal granted. I used a company from the beginning called Allsup. I was very happy with them . They went through the process 2 times because I was President of our company. We had to remove me from all the papers,then start all over again. so the process took over 3 years.It is a real process for patience. The 2nd time it took 2 yrs.Then I was told the 3rd appeal would have to go before a Judge and that was a wait of 25 months can you believe it.Well my company sent a brief before the Judge and he read it and agreed with my case.I was granted 1 1/2 yrs back disability pay .the company then is allowed their fee after you get a check.You always got to speak to a representative sometimes you had a questionnaire for almost an hour they are very through. so if you are filing and want a good company go to and check them out. Use me as a reference Debbie Kelly.

Fabric from my Step dads shirt

This is fabric from My Fathers shirts the real light color is yellow

I have pictures of our guild get together for our 7 shirt quilt. Nancy Rose is the author of the pattern. was a big prep time but I really had fun with this project. maybe because so scrappy .I used my Fathers and my step dads 2 shirts .you use 2 lights and 5 dark Mens' shirts. I plan on doing a moms quilt also . I have skirts all cotton of my Step moms from when she passed away. I had started a scrappy quilt long ago in between hi school and beauty school.I used some of my corduroy pieces. so..........I have pieces of my stepmothers dresses from 1983 and before all 100% cotton. I miss her so much she was a great lady. Virginia Miller.I have a lot of my mothers golf skirts and going to make a quilt representing both Mothers in that way. I think I posted it before for the 7 shirt quilt ? I loved making this it was fun!!!! Thanks Nancy for the pattern is so cool!!!!1
  Well time to get busy packing some for Florida.My husband is building me a sewing room down there.We have windows and kitchen cabinets from a house they were tearing down near us for free. Nice cabinets and new windows for free..... Free is good!!!!

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