Friday, December 3, 2010

Bye Mom

Hi its been a while since I posted . We came to Florida on Oct 26th and my Mother was failing in the hospital . She passed away on Nov.the 4th.My husband and I were with her till the end . She was in Avow hospice in Naples, Fl. The hospice facility was phenomenal. The staff did every thing to keep her free of pain and comfortable.The night before she had rallied as I had expected but doe not happen necessarily. She was not eating and she was talking so i called family members so they could speak to her one more time. I had been with my Father when he died but he was in a coma. I knew from experience that people get energy at the end to speak say their d\good bye etc. She had not been talking in sentences just one word at a time. She had a rum and coke that was her last thing to eat or drink. It made her happy so we were happy for her then.we kept talking to her and telling her we loved her She responded till about 4 hours before she died. I am glad I was with her.It was a moment I did not want to miss. It had been a rough 2 years with her. She apologized for her being so much trouble I told her we had forgave her. It was good closer for me and was really a relief because she was so prone to falling and I did not want to find her dead on her kitchen floor or something. So she is at peace now and so are we. I'm sure she is happier. She is with her husband now. All my parents and step parents are gone. I am lucky to have had them as old as I am. I miss them all. I have many good memories to cherish , some better than others but many wonderful times. In some ways I was lucky because I had 4 parents. I had a wonderful step mother who was just the best and had no other children .We were close and she took extra special time to see that I was clean, fed and spent time with me . It was more than anyone would have asked for. Thanks to you all I love you and miss you !!!! Ok now onto better moments. We have been busy remodeling our home here in N. Ft Myers ,Bayshore village. This is where my Mother's home was. A nice mobile home village. Gated and nicely kept. We have a pool right across the street and clubhouse. We bought here in 2008 in March as we were going to be heading home. We loved it here after staying with my Mother and we made many new friends. A home across from the pool went up for sale and was very reasonably pried so we bought .there have been many Boomers buying in here in the last few years as older generation pass on. m My husband Gene and our friends painted the kitchen, dining room and living room walls and ceilings. They then tore up the floors and put laminate down .It's Hicory and higher end quality does now look like it at all. It is truly beautiful.!!!!! Thanks guys great job!!!!! I just finished making valances for the kitchen and have some wallpaper to do above cabinets. It will be done with fabric to match the valances but in a stripe. I think will be cute. It's coffee cups motif for the valances. I plan on making place mats and napkins to match the kitchen. We are getting ready to make Christmas cookies and decorate . We are having an open house for friends and family here. I am making a few Christmas presents for friends. I have 2 aprons with really neat fabric and patterns to use. I also want to make some gifts for my new grand daughter she will be 2 in march and a niece who is 4 yrs old now.My niece is so little very petite. So sweet both of them. I'm going to post this and then take some pictures and post them next .

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Thanks Debbie for sharing your love for all 4 of your parents with us. It was a touching ,and I did smile at the rum and coke.