Monday, February 7, 2011

You tube young singing sensation!!!!! go check out this you tube site .This young man is such a good singer and Micheal Buble brought him up on stage to sing .He sounded just like him!!!!!! amazing. I have had the upper respiratory infection 2 times now since Christmas. Just heavy chest and coughing OMG.I bought out the cough syrup isle and cough drops.Just starting to feel better now. We had our annual garage sale and made about 225.00 from our things we had to trade in for new items. so all in all pretty good........ I am working on my recovering cushions and chairs now Hope to get done maybe this week huh? Id like to get that out of the way to be able to sew on QUILTS. need to finish somethings before we go home in May. I would like to finish 2 tops and quilt one shabby top I have been working on for a while. The first 2 pictures are of my chair project the bottom hem is the old ugly orange fabric.yuk it's really ugly. the next picture is of the front porch where I sew now these days till we get the sewing room done. The next picture is of a jelly roll quilt I saw made in our local quilt shop. I HAVE SOME DELICIOUS NEW BALI FABRIC'S....... So pretty cannot wait to use but I have got to get these chairs done first so I can tell Hubby "see I did finish something" LOL. well I am going to go do some sewing Bye for now. It's 81 degrees and sunny here today in case your in the north and freezing . Go check out the you tube link!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love this jelly roll quilt. Got the pattern?