Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a nice sewing & project site

husband with Our girls Coochie, Tazzie and a friends baby pup Tosha
here is a nice sewing site I ran across today .Some cute projects for home and person  .  saved several of the projects. I have had some problems here since I HAVE NOT BEEN KEEPING UP ON MY BLOG VERY WELL! I could not get the websites to link like I had before so I finally figured it out it was right in front of me but duh............ just have not been with it since so much pain and aggravation to deal with.  I have to give Kudos to my husband  Gene he has been cooking cleaning and doing laundry while I have been healing here with hip surgery .He is putting on an addition also all by himself .The carport was there so we  are enclosed to our home in Florida. I will have to take some pics so I can post them.  it is in the 90's and he is out there working away. I have tried to keep him in water and he is staying out of the sun and only work when it's cooler in the day . I am going back and correct few posts here


LuAnn said...

I think I recognize you from one of our Dear Jane retreats up in Shipshewana? Nice to find your blog.

LuAnn said...

I tried to answer your email, but you are set as a no-reply blogger. There are some of the regulars from the Dear Jane retreat that have blogs. I will email you their addresses if you want. It's nice to hear from you. Did you have a hip replacement?