Friday, October 28, 2011

apple crisp

I have wanted a good recipe for a good apple crisp.I am sure this is a good one .It came from the America's test kitchen . I love that program on PBS channel. they test recipes and products, cookware , etc. on the channel .I have tried their brined & baked chicken which is cooked high heat short time . The chicken recipe is good  recipe . ..... so I saw this and thought I would post again. also I saw this pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe. here is the link for that.
We have no camera. It died a few weeks ago. we decided for what they cost we would just buy a new phone with high megapixels so that is our new plan.  

 I have started a new project .I have a pattern for a lap pillow to make so I can sew more comfortable  on our trip to Florida. we are leaving on The 9th at least that is the plan. I have been cold since this weather has changed and do not like it at all. I hope when I come back next spring I will be  NEW  person. I am getting a new hip. I have to get the weight down and cannot do it when I cannot do to much getting around. I know its what I put in my mouth also.It is hard when you like to cook and eat also . well I need to get to my sewing project and start packing my sewing room up to go .

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Chris H said...

Wow you are going to florida for a long time?
Have fun.