Wednesday, November 30, 2011

flat seams
Here is a site I have seen before but I thought maybe for some it might be a new thing to see and make your quilts lie down better. It is simple to do once you see it done. this site give lots of help for things you do not have answers to.

 We are down in Florida now. It has been beautiful.It is so much better than sitting in a house all the time and when you do not go to work it makes a difference. The midwest is usually dark and dreary. I feel so much better here physically and mentally. I think we might have lost our power at home so I hear  we live in Warsaw  Indiana. The snow was heavy and pulled down the power lines I guess.

I have some new pics of my grandson Ayden. I do not get to see him for quite a while. we had to have a paternity test done for the court. All you had to do was look at him and you could tell who he belonged to . He is loved by all  his relatives never the less. He is getting so cute. he knows now to smile for the camera .He is getting to be a big ham .I'm going to post some pics of him .he is starting to lose the baby look already. I miss so much because of certain reasons but that should change some when my son goes to court for visitation priviledges. When I get home I hope grandma can enjoy him at our lake . At least the grandparents on the other side have been helpful to us. I'm going to make him some PJ's for him for Christmas. So Im going to say good by and go sew. See ya !!!!!!!

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Chris H said...

Your grandson is gorgeous. I hope we get to see the pj's once they are made?