Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bom marti mitchell and dinner

Hi I started a BOM from Marti Mitchell. I am not a person who buys a BOM because they are so costly. I knew I wanted to make this one of hers so I gave in so here are 2 of the blocks 1&2 i have done. I just got 3 in the mail yesterday. I love pink and green quilts so this is right up the alley for me. this is an older BOM but I liked it so anyway I signed up for it.

Marti Mitchell American beauty block no.1 bewitched

Coochie is helping

American Beauty bl no 2  Encore
 so when i am sewing I like to make casseroles then I only have to cook half the time Here is my baked Ziti
I cooked italian sausage and added diced italian cans of tomatoes. I usually use prego but I did not have any so I added a can of tomato paste, water and  seasonings, basil,oregano, garlic salt and of course rigatoni noodles. I topped it with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I was happy with the results . and no calories !!!!!! yeh right .

 I am making a couple aprons here next for a friend I met on the internet  Robin, she is always making things for others so I thought it would be nice to make her something.too bad we do not live closer she is in Washington and in the winter I am in Florida . do you think we could be farther away . I have a pattern called Scalloped apron. It is the old-fashioned type wraps around to the back. It's from The Paisley Pincushion in Oregon.  cute huh!!!!

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