Thursday, September 22, 2011

new scrappy quilt along

Hi well I stumbled along on a site that I have been cousins to thru Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville. Our guild made Bonnies 7 shirt quilt. I saw a new quilt Scrappy sCrApPY SCRAPPY. IS THE WORD.                                                                    Every week you make a new set of blocks , from your crumb along box where you have saved scraps  from other quilts you have made.from men's shirts or just saved scraps. I will add a post of a new block or you can go to the crumb along site I posted in the side bar .I love quilts with color and this is full of color. ..........Speaking of color I stopped at Good will for senior sale and picked up 3 new shirts. I have been wanting to add Cheddar color to my stash for a vibrant addition. I found a men's 3x Cheddar 100% cotton shirt for $2.50 there is a yard of fabric there. nice fabric cheap. So Now I have to get caught up on this crumb quilt block . I bought several bags of shirts for like 3.00 at  outdoor flea  market last winter in N. Ft Myers. They had 15 shirts in them . Geesh was like winning the lotto so cheap .I have a thing for red so I have several plain red shirts to cut up now. So if you like scrappy go to Bonnie's site or Jo's site for the crumb weekly quilt along block.

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