Monday, December 12, 2011

cnn heros program,jelly rolls quilt, future Sewing room pictures I couldn't sleep last night at some point  4:30 am so I turned on the TV. I started watching cnn which I do not usually watch but it was all about Hero's around the world for 2011. I was just so taken with the different peoples and their stories. so many different from products to just giving of themselves I was brought to tears. It was like a Diana story. A man who was a refugee came to America.His first night in a hotel he had a choice of 3 bars of soap. He never heard of soap for the face, body and the hands. The next day he got 3 new bars . He went to the front desk and said I really do not want to have these new bars of soap .I want mine from Yesterday. He didn't know they were for free. He thought he was going to be charged for them being an extras. He couldn't believe they threw them away every day. He thought if I could get this soap to Africa where he had come from I think it was Kenya, not sure,Anyway...... he found a way to get the hotels around the country to save the soap for him and he got them repurposed and recut  or manufactured to be sanitized.. He then has had them shipped back from here to Africa. He then showed people who never had the luxury of soap to the health benefits of sanitation. The monumental effect of just every day hygiene for these people was just amazing.Think about it never having soap. we wouldn't think of remanufacturing soap and the effect it could there were other stories that they all touched your heart in someway. I am just a big baby when I hear these stories. I often think if I had millions how I could help people. I could find so many ways to give to others less fortunate then me. so here is the link to go and see the program. 

The other  item I wanted to post was a website for some pieced place mats & napkins which would be cool in Christmas fabrics which this isn't but do what ever you would want to make it in. so check it out sure to check out the hero's if you are a humanitarian it will tug at your heart strings for sure.  

I have been making my dear friend here in fl a "jelly braid quilt".by calico printworks.its is in browns greens and tans. Its is all in Batiks. She will be 70 in January I knew with Christmas coming I needed to get as much done as I could because I hate to be pushed on time with a project this big. I think she will be pleasantly surprised.I have never done one but it is relatively easy to do .just chain piecing so to speak. I found some new jelly roll colors I could love .It is a Cherry jelly ,the fabric was so pretty!!!! there was another one in pinks and purples I think I could blend them and make me an awesome jelly quilt. 

sewing room pocket doors hung

 some stuff for the future sewing room in Florida

Jelly roll quilt center of quilt called Jelly Braids

 I still am just putting my new sewing room ideas together in my head.I am doing it in pink and white mostly. My hubbie found me a slipper chair I think you call it that.It looked like a herd of cows had slept or walked on it.We bought it for 20.00 It has good bones though.I want to do it in pink leather with the brads around the trim with pink fringe. I can't find pink leather yet but I would go for pink leatherette. I found some really pretty Jacquard fabric in a dusty was 23.00 a yd but I only need about 2-3 yd.s so not to expensive. so kind of undecided yet what to use and I will not be moving to my room till next fall probably. I have cabinets and desks and chest of drawers to paint and refurbish,besides having the money also to finish. My husband built 2 rooms and the front room is all wired and ready for sheet rock or drywall. we have a set of mahogany restaurant doors with oval glass which Gene is going to put stained glass in. he made them pocket doors COOL to maximize the rooms floor space. also it will make the air flow from the front door work better also. well enough of going on and on so I am going to post a few pics and give you the bare bones look for now. We bought a new camera.we had bought a cannon powershot and it died we really used it.this is a dslr. CANON EOS REBEL  T3.I was used to a SLR for years so it was time to buy a good camera. You get what you pay for. 

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