Monday, January 2, 2012

Quiltville ,mystery quilt.7 shirt quilt

I hope everyone has had great holidays. I did. Very busy. I tried to keep up but no luck my cookies and goodies are being sent out late.we had over 40 people here for Christmas eve. I made Chili and everyone brought other great dishes.We had clam chowder , cheese balls, lentil salad, meatballs, shrimp, vegetable tray, cookies,little sausage sandwiches. More than I can remember !!!! it was lots of fun . I missed seeing the kids and grandkids. that part is hard every year.I wish I was rich enough to be able to fly everyone here to enjoy the holiday with us. We had 2 house parties before Christmas . That was fun also . Christmas day we had a dinner at the clubhouse. everyone brought dishes and we had Turkey and Ham for dinner and lots of desserts. It sure isn't easy to lose weight around here for sure.

There is a Mystery quilt finishing up for you to down load at Bonnie Hunters Quiltville. It is called Ocra mystery quilt. You can down load for later but she is generous . Bonnie  gives lots of freebies out and you can use scraps for most if you save them .She share tips and other sites to go to . .I bought her Shirtails book. So check out Bonnie's site and check out her books also .
I also made a quilt  had called 7 shirt Nancy Rose U use 7 mens' shirts to do the quilt. I got a 3 X shirt there is probably a yard and a half of fabric. If you pay 2.oo for it, that's pretty cheap for 100% cotton!!!!! .  I finished mine in Florida last year. It is heavy actually and warm. A nice couch throw for chilly nights or days. Thanks Nancy.......I posted it before. A picture of it earlier so go back through my postings for a picture  of it. Our guild did the project as a one day workshop. It takes time but they turn out nice and its cheap to do,especially if you buy shirts at good will etc on 50% OFF DAY .I have about 25 shirts i have hanging in my closet for my shirt stash. Between that and saving the selvages from fabric now it fills up your extra space fast.
laid out on the couch to see the full effect.

lots of prints and very colorful

leave the labels on for character

this is my stepdad's shirt with golf motif

the light color is yellow in the quilt   
I used buttons to stabalize the quilt instead of tying

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Chris H said...

Good to know you had a great time over the holidays ... we all eat far too much. But, the damage can be reversed!
Thank goodness.