Tuesday, January 17, 2012

little coin purse  
 Here is a link for very tiny cute coin purse. Check out the tutorial  for this little cutie !!. getting ready to quilt my friends quilt. I have  it pinned but I need to baste it now. I plan on quilting with a stipple pattern. I have paper I am going to use but need to baste it in the morning.
Well Monday I went to the surgeon for carpal tunnel  and I am now going to have surgery on Feb 10th on right hand first then my left a few weeks later. If I do not have the surgery I might be looking at irreversible damage . I plan on quilting a lot more so I need to get this done. I'm happy with the surgeon .I feel confident in him. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's Im signing out as my wrists are bothering me now so check again soon OK?
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Cookie said...

Thanks so much for the link. this is cute