Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sewing room

doors to separate tv room from my sewing room
the door we got from Ebay about 8 yrs ago we paid 65.00 solid mahogany 2 in thick from a restaurant they are gorgeous .Hubby is going to put new stained glass in them next year. He has really worked hard. He did all the framing ,wiring, dry wall & painting.we have to put carpet down yet also . Then before we leave new air & heat will be added .so cool never had such a nice organized room as this.Thanks Gene !!!!!!     I still have some organizing to do yet a few more shelves to add.  a quilt rack over the big white dresser . The dresser was Free also. the quilt rack out of a Baby Bed frame and it was FREE.  Hung sideways I can hang maybe 8-10 quilts easily . It was made of 2 in thick solid wood. I kept one end for here in FLorida and left the other for home for sewing room there.
 the pink paint was a mistake can at Lowes for 7.00
Here are some pictures of my sewing room. I love it have been to busy to enjoy so here are some new ones.The best piece of equipment which cost 1.00 and my husband fixed for me is my table to help with machine quilting. I got the table for 1.00 at a garage sale and we had a counter  from a tear out .Hubby took counter top and glued and screwed to the computer table and  wow I have a new table extension for quilting. I hate to think how much we would have paid for that from scratch. totally adjustable up and down  and side to side to level for storage. need window shades and I'm making a valance of pink. the room was done on freebies ,markdowns, and makeovers. so it can be done cheaply but nice. cannot decide if I want the wooden cabinets painted black . might do next year in the fall .
sewing center and extension table and the counter was 35.00
end of sewing area and more wooden cabinet FREE is pennsylvania house as is the other wooden cabinet shelves for storage


    shabby chic dresser for free putting pink handles on it
extension table for 1.00
3 sets of cabinets and mirrors for some doors  for 150.00 and a wooden display  cabinet was free also with storage on the bottom the doors are not on there yet
table bought for 1.00 and counter top added for the quilting extensionup and down and its adjustable side to side too

one cabinet under neath was free and the other set of drawers was 15.00 at the Flea mkt. both are solid wood main sewing area


Robin said...

Wow girl. You are a good shopper. Love all the white and I flat ass love those oval shape doors.
It all is looking so nice. Looks like you must have a nice size room to work with.


Chris H said...

You have a great set up there!

Pat from Florida said...

You have a great place to sew! Some major bargains!!!