Thursday, November 29, 2012

Son changed life ,Heartwarming story & "The Locator" & Prison Dogs

  I hope you enjoy these stories today I do and did:
 This is a true story of my life today a happy story you might think this is a bad story I had posted on the top of my page .I am truly a happy person and very thankful today .My Son has gone from being a Meth user badly several years ago I had to do the tough love thing to a great Father and going into college at 37 yrs old
 .I had tried to help home at 14 sent him to a Boys school in Kansas because I couldn't control him .I had tried everything  and instead  of sending him to the boys correctional school  I sent him to ST. Francis Boys home a phenomenal place. He got out with a negative release which after 18 months there I hoped he would turn around. Not so he went down hill and I gave away my parental rights of him to someone else when he was  17. All this time his Father chose not to be in his life. Not good .Well he  stopped using Meth 7 yrs ago on his own no help Just slept alot. He now is a father of a beautiful little boy and is very proud. He just sent for his High school transcripts and is going to finish applying for school to become a welder and Certified Mechanic.I had to tell my story today not all the details bits some significant ones so you can see how wonderful today is for me as a Mother. I love you son!!!!!  I am so proud of you  SON and what you are becoming . God has blessed me truly!!!!!!
I am very sentimental person. I love seeing someone helping someone, I love puppies ,and sappy stories. so check this out is great to see this happen since you only hear bad Police  incidents.This one was a great one and just so sad to see in this country. I wish I had won that 500 Million. I could do so much good.It would be things like this that would make my heart sing!!!! one other thing I would setup help at the animal shelters also so there could be no kill places more and more. Just feeling sad but happy seeing a helping hand.

 Since I am on this humble or sappy note today I want everyone to check out the Locator it is on the We channel on Cable .The company is located here in Ft Myers Florida.  This man started this company after helping his Mom find her parents. It helps families find other family members be it Mom, Dad ,sister or brother is a sappy show but is really a fulfilling show to watch for the most part. Once in a while it ends sadly but its a tear jerker and is true stories
 ok the last sappy thing is a true story of a nun who got Dog training introduced in Prisons to help Dogs  that were to be killed and prisoners team up to train the  service dogs to help disabled people get dogs to help the people
 here is link to read an article about  Id like to read her biography anyway read this if you love Dogs like me!!!!
  here is another link to view about her also 
this link is about helping youths and in Indiana prison they used  the idea Indian which is where I am from and live in the summer
 here is he movie I watched the other night: Laura Dernand Ellen Byrtsyn  were in it I liked it 

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