Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hummingbird video so cool!!!! Easy Street quilt!!!! Free motion quilting

I found this video of humming birds feeding is so cool. They have them eating out of their hands its in Alaska....  I have fed a squirrel out of my hand. He was a baby and would lay on the fence  top rail and wait for me to come outside and I would get some corn and hold my hand out flat.  He would come up and eat out of my hand .I was never afraid he never charged at me just came up slow and grab a kernel of corn out of my hand was way cool.I love animals and just enjoy interacting with them so much. so check out the humming bird video. I will have to try it when I get back to Indiana.

  I have been working on my grand daughters quilt for Christmas.It is a panel with Ballerinas on it in pink of course.I added a double border and now ready to free hand quilt.I am hoping to buy a Bernina with the BSR on it.I have tried this on my sewing machine  a Babylock Estane ESE 2 and my featherweight does the best. I practiced just isn't as easy as a Bernina in Shipshewanna In. before we left for Florida.So anyway I hope to buy a used one one Ebay. Or a Bernina dealer .But have broke needles etc. I'm sick of it anyway going to try my stipple program on my I have it loaded on my computer so going to try I have Cookies to bake but just have not felt that good this month. Fibro, some stomach issues. just stuff so fun getting older I will be 64 on April 23 any other April babies or Taurus friends out there?

 well have a good day and  I am going to get something done here.Any one doing " Easy street" by Bonnie Hunter?   It is a Mystery quilt FREE .!!!!! she has painter tabs to use t get your colors to match lol is funny .She has so many neat things on here site for FREE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, I jumped over here from the Featherweight group. So glad to see that you are doing Easy Street as well! I need to get going on Clue #4. Fun!

Gina in Missouri

Judy said...

Hi Debbie! This is Judy Clayton from the Maple Leaf quilt guild. I too am working on "Easy Street" with Bonnie. Miss seeing you at the meetings. I hope you are having a great winter in Florida. It is snowing here tonight. I have been working on Step 6 all day today at our garden center as we are not busy at all right now. I have about 24 more brick blocks to make to complete this step. Can't wait until Monday to see what Bonnie has in store for us. My blog is Check it out.