Thursday, January 3, 2013

extension tables

Hi here is a site for extension tables .I have one they are really nice engraved and you can get a folding one which I did for maybe going home for a Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewanna Indiana. here is the link for that Here is a picture of mine. I'm sorry the light from outside takes over the table but you get an idea and it's engraved not tape or paint pretty cool and the legs are adjustable. and removable .I got the folding one for the 221.They have all  types for different set ups, they are  $ 89.00- 99.00.

picture of extension table

 Well as I posted I made a Boo Boo and oiled my motor and not greased. so I wrote to the Feather weight Yahoo group I belong to and asked Graham what to do. I talked my husband a known car nut if he would consider taking apart the little motor and looking at it. Now I need to jump back on and see if I can get Bert's repair manual .so anyway  ...will let you know what happens......

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