Sunday, March 3, 2013

link for lots of blocks

Her is a link for a lot of quilt blocks.
 they are listed by alphabetical order. They have mystery's also
I saw this and wanted to post it.
I'm  tired but a good tired I have had a lot of pain lately in my back I have degenerative disc disease. I have a great Doctor for pain management down here in Florida. He is Class A.!!!!! He is kind pro-active about my pain management n I feel better. He is Dr.Andrew Gross.I have had steroid shots and am just tired of this approach . I admit it helps but for 4 yrs and the side effects are just to many.Well I had a new procedure.He burned the nerves endings in my lower back. It has worked really well.They do grow back but the pain has pretty much gone.I wake up in the morning with a pep in my step and not wishing I was dead every morning. I can work around the house and get a lot done and feel really good about myself. we had a garage sale and I got it all cleaned up and put away and cleaned up my spare bedroom I haven't been able to work like this for about 6 yrs so I am happy with the results .what is nice I feel good at the end of the day and not just totally exhausted. I am truly blessed to have the right doctors to help me down here in Florida and being able to enjoy the weather..

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