Wednesday, March 6, 2013

little eaglets in N. Ft. Myers Fl & My 301 singer
 Here is cam for the little eaglets here just down the road from us.Amazing so many people stop to view them each day so take a look!!!! Its so cool to see them and know they are right down the street from us about a mile.its so cool to be able to see them 24/7 anytime !!!!!
I just got the 301 Singer sewing machine cleaned Sunday night .So dirty was greasy and sticky .I am amazed it sews so well.It runs like a top.I clean and oiled it well. It wasn't to bad underneath.Its the top was running brown and  I was quite a while cleaning it. I sewed with it yesterday and sews like a dream .It sews better than my Featherweight actually.  It needs a paint job .I'ts pretty chipped up ,but not going to worry about it now. I'm afraid if I have it painted might not run as well as it does now. I paid 29.99 for it that included the auction fees .Not bad huh!!!!!

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