Saturday, April 13, 2013

cute cord holder !!!! and travel sewing case

 Here is a site I ran across and a cute tutorial for a cord holder like your phone. I was thinking sewing cord lol . Oh well shows my age I guess anyway is a cute thing to take with you or just use in a crowded space. I think you can adjust your size for a larger cord , no reason why not.

 I have been working away on my Easy street quilt done with the 9 blocks and have made 7 of the 16 blocks .They are going together easier and faster now that I finally got the hang of it.I have all the laundry done and both ShihTzus bathed and trimmed so can just sew now. I am at Texas.I am  junior fan and Tony Stewart as he is a " HOOSIER "like me:). That means from Indiana in case that word is foreign to you.I made a sewing and thread,& needle case.It was a freebie so here is the link for that.
 I made my pockets 2 deep on the far end and 2 thread holders .I think I will use it for English paper piecing or embroidery at the docs offices or just traveling so I can keep my projects separate from one another.I used the 2 and 1/2 blocks from MODA .Hmm forget what they are called but cute.42 in a batch.
Unfortunately I lost the  memory card for the camera so have to go buy a new one as I doubt if I will find the old one at this point.So I cannot take a picture to show you right now but will soon. Well going to say bye for now and have a great weekend.!!!!

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