Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easy street Mystery Quilt

Hi all in case you like my quilt blocks and want to make this quilt called easy street.Bonnie has the pattern on her website so you can download all the steps to make it.It takes some work but is really going to be pretty I believe. Here is the link to go there. 
I have all of the 9 blocks done and 5 of the 12 done so have half done. I am picky about matching the corners.Id like to enter it in the fair in Elkhart county next year. I don't see getting it done for this year together and quilted.I believe I will have my friend quilt it in Nappanee,In. She does a lovely job Sherryl Tobias.I will take it home with me to have her quilt it for me. She quilted my husbands Flamingo N palm tree quilt. I loved the job she did very nice. So I know I wont get it done s nicely so will practice on other things. I know I posted these before but just in case you haven't see this done you can go to the site and download the steps or one of these days probably will be in a book and not available for free


Joan said...

I do love those colours.1 :)

Robin said...

That will be pretty. You are good with colors. My downfall.